Monday, March 21, 2005


I had a eventful weekend.
GF's pop's birthday dinner. We had proscuitto wrapped asparagus, cheese and crackers, puff pastries, smoked salmon with lemon and capers, for appetizers, then pepper crusted filet mignon, a monster baked potato, string beans, two different sauces, one white, and one mushroom. Excellent wine and cocktails, and a fruit torte for dessert. Wow, was I full.

Sunday, we went for a hike. Went about halfway up to Mission Peak before my annoying dog and an even more annoying headached forced us back to the car.

Later that day, ScottO and I headed off to Bay 101 for a stab at some duckets. $3-$6, I was getting a bad run of cards. Many 73s, and 84s. My stack dwindled and was finally At the last moment I caught an Ace high two pair and took down a big one which put me close to even. ScottO went out immediately after that. I got up after having played a couple more hands leaving me just below my buy-in. I intend to head back tonight and give it another go. This time I'll go back down to the $2-$4 table and see how I do.

I made a beef brisket last night. It was quite an impressive slab o meat. I didn't realize it said, "Makes 10-12 generous portions"... SO needless to say, it's beef brisket leftover night tonight.
Wow was it tender though. 4 hours slow and low in the oven, and this piece of meat was falling apart. Some BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes and broccoli, and I was one fat SOB.

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