Tuesday, November 28, 2006

TV, TV, and more TV

There's been much talk about TV around the "cooler". This topic gets me excited because I've been pretty hooked on a couple programs. If you have HBO, with On Demand, you're in luck, because they have been putting on some quality television. Being a Netflix member is awesome too, because being able to rent an entire season is a wonderful thing. Nothing beats a Saturday or Sunday afternoon TV series marathon. Especially when they are as good as some of the shows here.

All these shows are pretty much "must see."

The Wire
This could be the final season of this excellent crime series on HBO. Each episode is complex, intelligent and thought provoking. It is essential that you start the season from episode one. The characters are nuanced and plots are quite intertwined from episode to episode. Your best bet is to rent Season one and start from the beginning.

A new series on channel 3 Monday nights. The premise is not original. What if regular people suddenly got super powers. Despite being on primetime, the show is dark, gritty, violent. Each episode has a cliffhanger ending. Definitely addictive.

FX's ultra campy, highly entertaining, darkly funny series about two plastic surgeons dealing with their dysfunctional intertwined lives.

Battlestar Galactica
A remake of the 1970's TV series. This updated series stars Edward James Olmos at his most pock marked and the lady (Stands with a Fist) from Dances With Wolves. Make sure you watch the mini-series which lays out the history for the following 3 or 4 seasons. Great space fight scenes and timely story lines make this show visually and intellectually stimulating.

This is Showtime's copycat of HBO's successful series' The Wire and THe Soprano's mixed into one. The show follows two brothers from an Irish neighborhood. One goes legit (sort of) and is a rising star in state politics, while the other fortifies his standing within the criminal underworld.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Build your own Pinhole Camera

Download, print and build your own pinhole camera.
Go here

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Brian, New Year... 2003

Brian, New Year... 2003, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

I love this pic.

On a different note: I updated my website.
Check it out and let me know what you think.

Monday, November 06, 2006


pigtails, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

Ever since !Habitforming started encouraging me start drawing again, I've been sketching like crazy. Sites like WoosterCollective, Fecal Face, Concept Art, Illustration Fridays, Streetsy, Bobby Chiu's Imaginism Studios, Illustration Mundo have also fueled my creative fires.

See more of my images here.

Poker Saturday

I killed it at poker day this weekend.
We started off with a spread limit ($.25-$3) cash game. JoeO, SamD, JohnN, Chestnut and I battled it out for several hours. At the end I finished up around $40.
We then decided to play a couple $20 sit-n-goes. Amy joined us and then for the second one, RobG showed up to play one.. I won both games with SamD and RobG coming in second respectively!
We also dusted off three eighteen packs and a twelver of beers while we played. Between 5 guys... that's quite a bit of brew.
The next day I played a 532 player $10-buy-in multi-table on Full Contact Poker. After fighting though the fish for several hours, I was finally knocked out in 10th place. My $66 win was just so damn unsatisfactory. Considering it's the first multi-table online tournament cash in months, I should be happy. But playing 4 hours for a measly $50 profit sucks balls. But at least my confidence is back and hopefully some positive EV.
My only concern is that after having won all the games that afternoon, my players may not be so stoked to come over for poker night again... I guess that's the tradeoff for kicking so much ass.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Human, originally uploaded by !HabitForming.

Rob posted this pic I drew of him on his Flickr site. Seems like it got some pretty good feedback.
Not to mention it's a freakin' hilarious likeness.