Thursday, March 31, 2005

my friend's dad

My best friend from high school's pops is dying.
Almost 80 years old. WWII vet, turned surgeon. Worked with the Olympic ski team. He worked at Stanford's world class hospital for many years.
Within the last few years, he's suffered some unfortunate circumstances. A skiing accident, brain tumor, back injury, slip-n-fall, diabetes, broken neck, kidney failure just to name a few. He's in bad shape now. The shallow breathing has begun, and my pal has just flown in from Boston to be with him.

I hope that when I'm his age, I will have had as many experiences, and as good a family as he.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bad Stomach - Wu Tang

Monday night. I popped a lactose pill and grubbed down on some ice cream. The best kind of ice cream. Breyer's mint chocolate chip.

It's the best ice cream flavor in the world. Also try the Butter Pecan. It's off the hook.

Anyway, flash forward to the middle of the night. Something in my stomach just ain't right. It hurts. In a few minutes I am doubled over as the increasing pain introduces some nausea. In a moment, I am hunched over the toilet purging. In a cold sweat, I stumbled back to bed only to be awoken again by a twisting agony inside. Deja Vu. I'm back over the receptacle, evacuating. Then, back in bed, groaning.

I googled it. So it seems vomiting is uncommon in lactose intolerance situations. I am experiencing something which more resembles milk allergy. This is bad news for me. No more of my favorite foods. No ice cream, no pizza either. What's next? No more swine, no meat-on-a-stick? NEVER! I'd sooner die!

On a different note.

I just picked this up.

I never got into the Wu Tang thing back in the day. I guess the hype kept me away. That was a mistake. The album demonstrates the hype. It improves on the hype. They are much better than I thought they were. I am especially impressed by the lyrical fortitude of ODB (RIP) and Method Man.
If you like hip hop, but never got into the Wu Tang. Now's your chance.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter grub-fest

Easter Sunday was yesterday.

I'm no religious dude. In fact I'd almost consider myself ANTI-religious. But I love me some religious holiday meal. These are the only days we are required to fully pig-out. And I did some serious pigging out Sunday.

I consider myself a "foodie." That sounds f-ing ridiculous.
I consider myself a food-lover. I love to make, eat and feed people food. This weekend I found a recipe which I will always cherish. I believe it will become an annual event to eat the best damn french toast ever.

Paula Deene, FoodTV's southern cooking genius offered up this un-freaking believable recipe.

An assignment for you:
Go ahead and prepare this recipe, let the bread soak overnight and the following day you'll eat so fat, you'll make Mario Batalli look like Bruce Lee.

  • Mario
  • Bruce

    Sunday, March 27, 2005

    Steamboy review

    I had just typed a long review of Steamboy. It vanished.

    So the abridged version of my review:
    I take back what I said about Otomo's work all being must-sees. It was sub-par.
    Good animation. That's about it. Everything else in the movie was lacking.
    If you want to see something better, check out Ghost in the Shell: 2

    I'm being forced to vacuum. Gotta go.

    Saturday, March 26, 2005

    101 Saturday

    The weekends must be bad luck. Not that I'm superstitious, but since my GF insisted that playing at Bay 101 must be bad luck, I think she jinxed me. I left minus $80. Those fuckers got me.
    Wait that can't be true, because the first day I played there was a Sunday, I won $200 in an hour worth of play.
    You know what that means right?
    Bay 101 Sunday?


    Friday, March 25, 2005


    I'm getting really stoked to see this movie Steamboy. It looks dope. It's pretty much guaranteed to be sick because it's made by Katsuhiro Otomo, who is considered to be the ultra-genius of manga.
    His stories are dark, violent and raw with cultural commentary and overflowing with layered plot and story twists. Everything with his name on it, are "must-sees."

    Bay 101

    The Bay 101 called me to work last night. Again the $2-$4 table had my name on it. The first hand I played won me a nice size pot. My game plan stayed the same: Play hands like K9 or better pre-flop ... which is a lot of hands. Dump 'em if they miss. I'm often tempted to play 74s, 85s, but resisted, even though several of those hands would've made me straights, and full houses. I'm considering loosening up even more pre-flop in order to try hitting those hands. The table is generally so loose, that you'll always have callers. Even when I misplayed my trip jacks, by betting out on the flop instead of checking, I still had one caller at the river. After an hour and a half, I more than doubled up my stack.
    Finally, the hunger pangs coerced me to head home for some dinner.

    Note to self: Don't get greedy.

    Thursday, March 24, 2005

    I finally received my poker chip labels from He had sent them to the"billing address" instead of the "shipping address", so I had to go to my dad's house to pick them up. I had to wait an extra week to get them, when they had to be forwarded to my pop's new residence. sigh I was pretty unhappy to say the least.
    Then, I opened the package.
    They looked like shit.
    He decided to use the crappy, tiny jpeg comps I sent him instead of the large, hi-res tiffs I sent him. So the labels all looked fuzzy, illegible, and very, very low-res. So I had to wait an extra week for this SHIT! I was pretty enraged.
    I resent him the tiffs accompanied by a letter describing my unhappiness. He replied: I use Paintshop pro and Photoshop, and couldn't open your files. BULLSHIT! I created the damn files using Photoshop! For christs sake, what kind of printing specialist can't open tiffs?!
    Not only that, but one look at these shitty labels, and anyone with at least one eye will tell you, "Hey, you used some really low-rez files didn't you?" I'd think he'd be embarrassed to send this crap to a client. But he didn't even bother to find out if I intended to use low-rez crap images. He just went ahead and sent them out.

    I'm giving this dude a chance to fix this major problem. He only has one negative feedback rating out of hundreds of positive ratings, so I assume he'll do his best to accomodate my extreme displeasure.

    Never try and bluff Luke

    Here is a piece of advice that will be invaluable to should you ever play at our home tourney when Luke is playing. Never bluff Luke.
    Luke is quite a dangerous player, ... for a calling station. He calls, and calls, and calls and calls. He called his way all the way to the end, to win last night's tournament winning himself $180.
    I got to give it to him though. He took down at least 3 heavily raised pots with only Ace high. OK, sure, we are dumbasses for having tried to bluff Luke. But come on,... When I am representing top pair all the way to the river, and I make a huge raise,... He took a minute and called. He flipped over Ace high. Of course I had Ace high too,... but with a shittier kicker. He took down the pot, and crippled me. Lesson learned.

    Long run, his play will make me money. This is in fact his first first place finish. I wonder why.

    OK, I'm talking shit, but as you can tell, I'm a disgustingly poor loser. I hate losing. I will only feel better when I redeem myself. So with that in mind: see you at Bay 101 after work.

    Tuesday, March 22, 2005

    Hotel Rwanda

    I just got back from watching Hotel Rwanda. It is quite an intense look at the insanity which occurred there. Having read Philip Gourevitch's We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families, the movie seemed somewhat inadequate.
    Touching, brutal indeed. But it only skims the reality of the terrors which occurred.
    Don Cheadle, one of my favorite actors, did a fine job. Really, I don't think it was his best, but he did fine. Nolte wasn't convincing. He was too,... Nolte. He looked like a tattered old drunk rather than a colonel.
    And another thing that bothered me about the movie: Considering the atrocities committed in Rwanda. The violence was,... not substantial enough. It was rated PG-13 for crying out loud! 1 million massacred by machete, and it gets PG-13!.
    Eventually one will be made of Capt. Mbaye Diagne, who wasn't even mentioned in Hotel Rwanda. That guy is a badass. Much respect for Mbaye.
    So, Hotel Rwanda is definitely a must see. But see it on DVD, or at least when it comes out on network. Since it's PG-13, they won't even need to ultra-censor it. But they probably will anyway.

    Amendment to "kill me"

    Amendment to previous post "kill me":

    It will be acceptable to starve me to death if that is the only method acceptable my law. My preference will still be the good ole fashioned "smother" or the "Seattle Special" shotgun (or any other gun) in the mouth. Also acceptable is the "throw my lifeless body off a high cliff or bridge" method, or the "Krevorkian" chemical cocktail, dependant on local and federal laws of course.

    Unacceptable methods would include:
    Mutilation death by heavy machinery, or being eaten by sharks, dogs or pigs would be unacceptable. (Being eaten by sharks would be acceptable if and only if I am shot from a torpedo tube; otherwise, I would oppose a watery grave.)
    My being beheaded or blown up by terrorists should be avoided at all costs. (Being beheaded or blown up would be accpetable if done by friends or family.)


    I made a stop at Bay 101 again last night after work. The $2-$4 table.
    At first, it wasn't pretty. I must've been sitting at a cold seat, because my cards weren't hitting. I consciously played looser pre-flop,... no not LOSER,...looser. But still didn't catch any cards or flops, so my stack began to shorten quickly. Finally, my chip stack evaporated and I was forced to re-buy-in for 10x the SB.
    At that point I switched from seat 2 to seat 4. Suddenly I caught some cowboys and was back to even money in one hand. Another pair of kings fattened me up, and then a couple hands later, my top pair turned into 2 pair on the river, and I took some unlucky dude named "Muckluck's" money.
    A hand later Muckluck was all-in for his last one-dollar chip. When the dealer passed by him on his bet, Muckluck got pissed. He began yelling at the dealer. "I've just lost $150 and I'm going to hold on to ONE chip!?" The floor managers all came over to calm him down. Muckluck created quite a commotion. Tempers sure can flare when you're on a bad streak. He didn't get kicked out though; rather he re-bought in and they let him sit down. I'm positive he lost his whole stack before he left. But, I decided it was my time to leave, so I didn't stick around to find out.

    I left there with $100 more than I started with. Sorry Muckluck.

    Monday, March 21, 2005

    kill me

    With all this Terry Schiavo talk I wish to clear the record for me.
    If I am in a similar situation to Schiavo:
    KILL ME!
    Except, don't starve me to death. Just shoot me... or smother me.

    She's been in that condition for 15 years. That's a very long time. Doctors seem convinced she'll never recover. At this point she's practically a doll. If her brain's not working, but her face seems to be kept alive by machines, she's essentially more machine than human.
    Without the machine, she'd die. She can't even really be fed by hand per se like Robocop. Liquid food has to be pumped into her.

    Please if anyone ever reads this when I am in similar condition. Let me die with dignity.

    I would never wish for any loved ones to have to have to deal with me. It would literally ruin their lives financially and psychologically. Put me and them out of our misery by just killin gme. Keeping me alive would not be worth the lives of numerous others, including taxpayers, hospital staff, and most of all family.


    I had a eventful weekend.
    GF's pop's birthday dinner. We had proscuitto wrapped asparagus, cheese and crackers, puff pastries, smoked salmon with lemon and capers, for appetizers, then pepper crusted filet mignon, a monster baked potato, string beans, two different sauces, one white, and one mushroom. Excellent wine and cocktails, and a fruit torte for dessert. Wow, was I full.

    Sunday, we went for a hike. Went about halfway up to Mission Peak before my annoying dog and an even more annoying headached forced us back to the car.

    Later that day, ScottO and I headed off to Bay 101 for a stab at some duckets. $3-$6, I was getting a bad run of cards. Many 73s, and 84s. My stack dwindled and was finally At the last moment I caught an Ace high two pair and took down a big one which put me close to even. ScottO went out immediately after that. I got up after having played a couple more hands leaving me just below my buy-in. I intend to head back tonight and give it another go. This time I'll go back down to the $2-$4 table and see how I do.

    I made a beef brisket last night. It was quite an impressive slab o meat. I didn't realize it said, "Makes 10-12 generous portions"... SO needless to say, it's beef brisket leftover night tonight.
    Wow was it tender though. 4 hours slow and low in the oven, and this piece of meat was falling apart. Some BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes and broccoli, and I was one fat SOB.

    Saturday, March 19, 2005

    Tied one on last night.
    After dinner at Kazoo in Japan town, we headed home for multiple glasses of Pinot Grigio, which we consumed greedily. We decided to have cocktails at the Seven Bamboo lounge. It had been years since I'd been there. It's swanky, dive atmosphere fit the mood we were going for and when we arrived it lived up to my memories. When I think of dive bars, ususually it includes a dozen or so regulars, their scraggily unshaved, weathered faces buried in their Scotch on the rocks, or Coors Lights. But this place was hip. The clientele was young, cool and not specifically unpretentious.
    The drinks were stiff and tall, one sip and I knew this place was a bonafide dive. To me a place is a true dive if the drinks are cheap, strong and big. This certainly met that criteria.
    After three or four very large Stoli Sodas, somehow Dana convinced us to actually sing. We agreed and took turns dueting with Dana. Amy and Dana did their best rendition of Girls Just Wanna Have fun and later I tried to hit the high pitch of Axl Rose's Sweet Child of Mine. Because of the buzz, I was only marginally humiliated.
    It was a blast, and a couple Stoli Sodas later I was at home unhappily puking in the family lavatory. Strangely enough it was green. But I hadn't eaten anything green.

    I awoke feeling pretty shitty, and the Coutry Fried Steak and eggs ath the Mini didn't help.

    I'll have to tell you all about "The Mini" at a later date. It's a classic joint for grub at all hours.

    Thursday, March 17, 2005

    Bay 101

    I stopped by the Bay 101 today after work. Basically, I was still steaming from last night's horrible showing. As I approached the Brokaw exit off 101, I knew I had to go and redeem myself.
    I'll just play the $2/$4 table for a couple hours... Maybe double up? Sure, why not?
    I sat down at a table with 3-4 young guys, not unlike myself. The other side of the table were some middle aged white dudes. First assessment of the situation. Loose on my right, tight on my left. I couldn't have picked a better spot. It looked like the dude leaving in front of me did well too, he had a couple racks as he was leaving.
    Immediately I hit a straight and pulled in a stack. Keep it tight, Keep it tight, I told myself.
    Pretty good. i threw away shit like I am supposed to...
    I walked out after 2 hours having more than doubled up.


    A small but no less redeeming evening.

    Happy St. Patty's Day!

    AK is shit.

    Dammit Lee Jones, when you're right, you're right.
    I got it now... AK early in a tournament is shit.

    Stop tormenting me!

    home game collusion

    Poker collusion

    I'm not going to outright accuse people of collusion. Because in a home game that's would justify serious ass-whoopings. However it is suspicious if several players are whispering back and forth to each other. It's shady at the very least.
    Dylan and Paul had a plan prior to coming that they would share the winnings if either won. Now that in itself is not collusion. But it is close. And jumping into collusion from there would be really simple. They could easily have been folding the best hands to each other, or telling each other their hole cards.
    "Team" play in a home tourney is just kind of weak, especially in a friendly game. So who knows about the OTHER two dudes he brought? They could have been colluding with each other too, which would make us some serious suckers. Not that "friendly" games shouldn't be competitive, they should... But when there is under the table dealings by "guests" (not regular players)... I must draw the line. ..

    So if anyone is out there and is reading this... No team play, collusion at my home game.

    Going out first

    Poker last night. $40 buy-in 9 handed No-limit Hold em freeze out tourney.
    Not a good one for me… It’s quite embarrassing for me to say this, because I had such high hopes for myself; I got knocked out first. (sigh) Of course I am a terrible loser, and am kicking myself for doing what I did. What did I do, you ask? First of all, let me prelude this with,… I am a dumbass.
    Early in the game: I make a big raise from late position with shit, hoping to steal. I get re-raised and I fold. A few hands later, I get AK in middle position, raise pre-flop. Dylan re-raises, player to my right goes into the tank. He considers going all-in, and then folds. I go all in (having seen Dylan overbet a previous pot)… He goes all-in and flips over QQ. Flop, turn, river are no help I’m out.
    FUCK. That was not cathartic at all.

    The tourney was finished two hours later. It was probably one of the fastest touneys yet. Not because of the blind structure, which I thought worked well. But the players at the table were hyper-betters. No f-ing around. They went right to it. After me, one dude got knocked out probably two hands later. By 9:30 it was over.

    We started a second 5 handed $10 buy–in tourney immediately afterward. It didn’t take us long to get heads up… Dylan, Jeff, and Chad got knocked out very fast… Like within 20 minutes. It was left heads–up between Paul and myself. Then my brain farted. I got limped with (what I thought was 10-4) Flop came T64. I check, he checks. Turn comes T. I check, he raises, I go all-in. He calls and flips over 74 giving him a pair of 4s. I flip over my cards and say “tens”. Except the cards show J4. SHIIIIIIITTT!
    I misread my cards! How could that have happened?

    That wasn’t cathartic either.

    On a less shitty note: The players loved the Nexgen chips. Several guys talked about how great they felt and wanted to get a set themselves. Good. One positive aspect of an otherwise fucked-up shitty, shitty night.

    Wednesday, March 16, 2005


    Here's a pic of our cat Mystic.
    Taken by Stroker Ace from outer space.
    Yes, He only has one eye.

    press conference

    Bush held a press conference this morning.
    Is Bush an idiot? The man can barely speak our language. It seems that most of his thoughts are a jumble of key words and vague concepts, rolled into strangely worded sentence fragments.
    What the fuck is he talking about?
    A better question, what kind of person would vote for someone who is so inarticulate? How does a "C" student get into Yale much less become the most powerful man in the free world? It's insane!

    Tuesday, March 15, 2005


    What it seems policy makers in America don’t get, and what I suspect many Americans themselves *do* get, is that millions of Iraqis feel completely detached from the current people in power. If you don’t have an alliance with one of the political parties (ie under their protection or on their payroll) then it’s difficult to feel any affinity with people like Jaffari, Allawi, Talbani, etc. We watch them on television, tight-lipped and shifty-eyed after a meeting where they quarreled about Kirkuk or Sharia in the constitution and it feels like what I imagine an out-of-body experience should feel like.

    - Baghdad Burning

    Sounds like how I feel about the American policy makers...
    Iraqis aren't the only ones disillusioned by their so-called "representatives."

    got my chips

    I received my chips last night.
    I'm not real impressed. They feel like your average composite chip. Albeit, better than my shitty "suited" chips... But these Nexgen chips just don't live up to the hype. I'm not prepared to spend more than $150 on chips though, so, I guess I shouldn't complain too much. We'll see how they play.
    And after I put the labels on them, they will hopefully be a bit better.

    We'll see.

    Monday, March 14, 2005

    Sunday, March 13, 2005

    home game stuff

    I thought I'd comment on Copag plastic playing cards.
    I like em.
    They have a nice texture to them that feels good in the fingers. I'm beginning to like thm more than the KEM cards which I see at all the local cardrooms. Not sure why, but I feel the Copags are just higher quality. They have certainly stood up to many home games, and I'm sure they'll last a helluva lot longer, considering they still look brand new after hundreds of shuffles.

    Since we're on the home game topic, I might mention I sold my shitty 11.5 gram chip set. I upgraded a little bit. Not to clay, as the budge just doesn't allow a set of $400 poker chips. But I purchased some Nexgen 12g poker chips. They seem to be the top-of-the-line shitty level poker chips. That is good enough for me. Basically I needed a set of chips that didn't shoot all over the room when you try and pick up a stack. I also heard that placing labels on them makes them a bit nicer to the touch. So I ordered some custom labels. I know, I'm a geek. But not nearly as geeky as Yo's Everquest addiction. I can justify the dorkiness, because playing poker is a way to make money, not just a pointless, worthless hobby like polymer clay sculpting or baking virtual cakes to bring to a virtual medival wedding ceremonies.

    I am also bringing my poker study to the next level. I've set up a spreadsheet to track my poker wins and losses. Hopefully, it will motivate me to work harder at becoming a consistent moneymaker.
    I found a free spreadsheet software called NeoOffice ... all free.

    I also read the chapter in Theory of Poker on heads-up play. So, now my game will have no kinks, and I should be able to dominate all the competition. Thanks Sklansky!

    Friday, March 11, 2005

    Another second place finish

    NLHE Freezeout $40-buy-in, 8-handed at Eric's pad.

    I played an A game. I played the button aggressive with pot sized raises, and stole a million blinds. I consciously changed gears at appropriate times, and kept the experienced players at the table off their game. I'm positive no one was able ot put me on any hand. At one point John said, "What's wrong, are you ok?" when I only limped in late postion. I raised and took down the pot. A couple hands later, everyone folded to me on the button, I raised, SB and BB folded. I flipped over "The Hammer" (72o)... I kept 'em guessing. Luke was taking down some big pots playing slightly tighter than usual. He was chip leader for a long time. I played a couple heads-up hands against him and we traded chip lead. Finally he saw a showdown with me, I woke up with QQ and took down a huge pot. One hand later, I called an all-in bet and took him out. I took out the short stack when I woke up again with pocket 5s.

    Heads-up was a disaster. My monster stack should have been able to take him out, but Homeboy doubled up three times at my expense with all-in preflop boat races...
    Eventually, I called a crucial all-in with T4... Stupid move.

    I haven't gotten to the Heads-up chapter in Theory of Poker.
    After 3 second place finishes in the last 5 tourneys, I feel like John Juanda in the WPT.

    Note to self: Read and reread the chapter on Heads-up play.

    Thursday, March 10, 2005

    Garden City bad beats.

    I sat down and played at Garden City last night. $3-6 hold 'em. I planned on going to Bay 101, but since the shooting stars tourney was going on, I figured to get a seat easily. I was right.

    I picked up a couple small pots early, but otherwise it was a below-average run of cards. One older asian dude with a big mesh USA cap was catching a run of cards and cashed out with a huge stack. The white guy next to me was the epitome of W.T. Mustache, baseball cap, probably a mullett, black faded blues band T-shirt, a weird wannabe-southern-style drawl. He was chasing every flush and straight. A guy to my right was raising every other hand. An old asian lady was to my right clutching her little black purse; she played a lot of hands too.

    I was holding my own,... for a while. That is until I actually caught a hand. I was holding Axh... the flop gave me the nut flush. I bet, several callers, blank falls on the turn, I bet, get a caller. Then a 5 comes on the river, I bet, WT calls. He flips 5s full house. Damn that river.
    A couple hands later, I catch a set of Qs on the turn. A dude 2 seats to my right calls me down to the river and flips over 3,7 diamond flush. sigh.

    The next hand puts me all-in with ATc... Not good enough and I go home.

    Tuesday, March 08, 2005

    Jacked Stomach

    I woke up last night in pain. My stomach was f-ed up.
    I was doubled up, fetal position, in a cold sweat, writhing.
    I hurriedly stumbled to the bathroom and proceeded to evacuate into the toilet. Damn you lasagna!
    The vomiting was ruthless. On one particularly heavy-duty heave, I felt the blood rush to my head, and popped some small capillaries in my face. I didn't even have to look in the mirror to know I'd have some crazy rash looking shit on my mug. Damn lasagna.

    I managed to get to a couple of assignments though. First I had to photograph some local lady who won an award. I got there to realize my batteries, all three of them were dead. I went back home to get my other spare and just made it back to get some shots of her with her neat trophy. Got a pearl tea, then photographed a Sudanese "Lost Boy" Genocide survivor making an appearance at the local H.S.
    Still feeling pretty bad. I actually broke out in a cold sweat during the assembly.

    DAMN YOU LASAGNA!!! Damn you to hell!

    Monday, March 07, 2005


    Last night's poker tourney at Pate's house ended pretty well. I came in second to my poker nemsis: The Chizz. As usual it was a sit'n go $40 freezeout. Seven players. I was playing well, caught a couple decent hands, including a four-of-a-kind from which I pumped Pate for a large percentage of his stack, effectively making him feel like a fool for falling for my slowplay. I knocked out ScottO when his KJ was beaten by my AQ. Then I took out Hoppy when he went all in versus my pocket queens. Later, down to heads-up, I drew top pair on the flop with Kings; Chad calls my large bet with his K4 which was top pair AND bottom pair. Moments later I went all-in with top pair again with Queens on the flop. He called and flipped over QT and won with a better kicker.

    Despite having lost, technically, I redeemed myself this time by taking out ScottO, who busted me twice last week. It is sort of poetic justice consiering how much shit he talks, that I busted his ass out first ...
    Taking second kind of sucks. But all in all, it didn't suck TOO bad. At least my reputation for being a contender still stands.

    I'm not a fluke, I'm not a fluke, I'm not a fluke.

    Photo gig

    I worked Saturday night. It was a fundraiser auction for one of the most exclusive private schools in the area. A bunch of the parents and other notable bigwigs got together to generate copious amounts of money to empower their children. A silent auction was followed by dinner and a live auction where bigwigs can flaunt their massive pocketbooks by overpaying for many different items from wine to vacations to ice-cream socials.
    Interestingly enough the teacher's table (for whom the auction was to benefit) was way, way, way back in the back-back of the dining room. They missed out on the entire live auction pretty much, not that they could afford to bid on any of the items anyway.
    Wait a minute, this is a private school, don't the parents ALREADY pay an extravagant amount to send their kids there anyway?

    I brought a friend of mine with me to shoot, gain experience and supplement the images for the client. Of course it was a win-win for everyone. He even got some chick's phone number out of it.

    I am amazed at rich people. It's so interesting and beyond my paradigm to relate to the wealth which they possess. Wannabe photograhers with $1,500 lenses. One woman was sporting a $30,000 Cartier diamond studded watch. Not to mention the bling hanging around her neck and dangling off her ears.

    Ah, jealousy gets me nowhere I know. These folks could easily hook a brother up with a new camera set-up and not-even bat an eye.

    Today I saw some high school kid rolling through downtown richy-rich street in his new Cadillac Escalade. And it wasn't mom's Escalade either. He had all kinds of sporty-looking stickers on it. Across the street two young punks were pumping some shitty hip-hop from his shiny new Lexus SUV.


    Friday, March 04, 2005

    Iraq and Vietnam

    On a more serious note, I found this interesting graphic.
    I'm not sure how accurate it is, but if it IS true,... interesting indeed.

    Home game

    I held my weekly home poker tourney last night. $30 buy-in, freezeout. Using DoD Tournament Software, we had a real structure going, or so I thought.
    First off, let me say my friends can be real f-ing annoying. Yelling and arguing is just standard procedure. With one of my buddies especially, life is not complete with some meaningless shouting contest, every miniscule detail must argued about. What he is in technical terms is, "a little bitch." Bitch, bitch, bitch. bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch ALL NIGHT LONG. Of course, we've all known each other for a long time,... so I can sometimes defuse the screaming. Not last night, because we had another player who likes to "push buttons." He likes to instigate. So we had one player bitching about everything, and another player pushing his buttons, and me steaming from a my crappy run of cards... All of us screaming at too high-a-volume... (cue blood rushing to face, and steam from ears.)
    "SHUT THE F*** UP!"

    In skiing, I consider someone a good skier if they can successfully perform on all terrains: groomed, crud, ice, cement, powder, whatever. In poker, I should be able to play my best game under the most difficult circumstances. It was sort of like playing poker while a drill seargeant barks insults at you. I ought to consider this a lesson in playing under pressure.

    This is no excuse though. Maybe I played scared poker, but I honestly got SHIT cards last night. Absolute shit. Meanwhile the ADD OCD maniacs at the table ran the show making big raises at every chance. When I finally made my stand, it was post flop, I held top pair, my opponent flips over top pair AND bottom pair. I drew dead and got knocked out. F***!

    Game two ended up being a much better game. We played a short handed tourney, with fast blinds,... I got knocked out middle pack when my A9 got dominated by AT. But at least we played some decent poker. I bluffed at a couple pots, and actually had a shot at a comeback. Crap.

    Lesson: Keep your head in the game despite annoyingly loud and obnoxious players.

    Tuesday, March 01, 2005

    Bay 101 virgin no more

    Bay 101 is literally 5 minutes from my house and I never even been in there until this weekend. While my fellow poker camp classmates swept up the competition at the Super Satellite tournament, I participated in a $3-$6 limit table.
    Ok, I admit, I was pretty nervous having never played there before, or anywhere really. But honestly, when the first hand I played gave me a Qs over 9s full house, I suddenly felt confident. Call it beginner's luck, I caught every good hand short of a straight flush: full house, straight, three-of-a-kind, two-pair... I cleaned up. These people at the table were playing such garbage I couldn't believe it. They were calling down to the river with nothing but Ace high, or a pair of 4s. Un-freaking-believable.

    I got up after playing only 2 hours, having turned my $80 into $310.

    Not bad for a novice.