Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Amendment to "kill me"

Amendment to previous post "kill me":

It will be acceptable to starve me to death if that is the only method acceptable my law. My preference will still be the good ole fashioned "smother" or the "Seattle Special" shotgun (or any other gun) in the mouth. Also acceptable is the "throw my lifeless body off a high cliff or bridge" method, or the "Krevorkian" chemical cocktail, dependant on local and federal laws of course.

Unacceptable methods would include:
Mutilation death by heavy machinery, or being eaten by sharks, dogs or pigs would be unacceptable. (Being eaten by sharks would be acceptable if and only if I am shot from a torpedo tube; otherwise, I would oppose a watery grave.)
My being beheaded or blown up by terrorists should be avoided at all costs. (Being beheaded or blown up would be accpetable if done by friends or family.)

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