Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter grub-fest

Easter Sunday was yesterday.

I'm no religious dude. In fact I'd almost consider myself ANTI-religious. But I love me some religious holiday meal. These are the only days we are required to fully pig-out. And I did some serious pigging out Sunday.

I consider myself a "foodie." That sounds f-ing ridiculous.
I consider myself a food-lover. I love to make, eat and feed people food. This weekend I found a recipe which I will always cherish. I believe it will become an annual event to eat the best damn french toast ever.

Paula Deene, FoodTV's southern cooking genius offered up this un-freaking believable recipe.

An assignment for you:
Go ahead and prepare this recipe, let the bread soak overnight and the following day you'll eat so fat, you'll make Mario Batalli look like Bruce Lee.

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