Thursday, March 10, 2005

Garden City bad beats.

I sat down and played at Garden City last night. $3-6 hold 'em. I planned on going to Bay 101, but since the shooting stars tourney was going on, I figured to get a seat easily. I was right.

I picked up a couple small pots early, but otherwise it was a below-average run of cards. One older asian dude with a big mesh USA cap was catching a run of cards and cashed out with a huge stack. The white guy next to me was the epitome of W.T. Mustache, baseball cap, probably a mullett, black faded blues band T-shirt, a weird wannabe-southern-style drawl. He was chasing every flush and straight. A guy to my right was raising every other hand. An old asian lady was to my right clutching her little black purse; she played a lot of hands too.

I was holding my own,... for a while. That is until I actually caught a hand. I was holding Axh... the flop gave me the nut flush. I bet, several callers, blank falls on the turn, I bet, get a caller. Then a 5 comes on the river, I bet, WT calls. He flips 5s full house. Damn that river.
A couple hands later, I catch a set of Qs on the turn. A dude 2 seats to my right calls me down to the river and flips over 3,7 diamond flush. sigh.

The next hand puts me all-in with ATc... Not good enough and I go home.

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