Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sam and Jen's wedding

SamD's wedding was a few weeks ago and was a blast. I'd say it was easily at the top 2 or 3 weddings ever. They had it at the Plumpjack resort at Squaw Valley with entertainment provided by the Police cover bad, Stung. After a nice, heartwarming and brief ceremony, we headed off to the Plumpjack for beer, wine and food. The food was standard wedding fare beef with a mixed veggie plate. Nothing to write home about, but not bad either. The speeches were excellent, with the Best Man Coby Bell giving a hysterical toast for Sam. The couple opted to skip cake cutting, flower tossing, garter-throwing, and honestly, those ceremonial events were not missed at all by any of the guests.
After dinner, I noticed a few of Sam's older family members outside enjoying a cigar. So naturally, I joined them with a couple of my own stoges.
Turns out these guys were Sam's uncles. The same guys who taught SamD shotgunning and fishing. The guys who taught Sam to be a man. Uncle Bob and Doug instantly fascinated all of us. We monopolized his time squeezing Sam stories from him for hours. I dashed in and out between the dance floor (which was kickin') and the Uncle Doug lessons-in-life and Sam D stories all night.
Finally, Amy and I got down to real business on the dance floor. Stung played most of the Police classics and infused them with favorites by Bob Marley and Sublime. We got the dance floor moving. When their set ended, Amy got the floor chanting "ENCORE, ENCORE!" and to our surprise, they fired up and played two more songs until security literally pulled the plug. At one point the lead singer said, "This is better than Oakland Colosseum!"
It was for us.

Afterward, we headed back to our rental cabin. The Buchman house.
We had a few more drinks and decided to take in the Perseid meteor shower on the front lawn. Absolutely incredible. We saw at least 5-10 shooting stars.
Despite the house's broken water heater, we'd go back, especially in winter, when it's very very close proximity to the ski lifts would be very convenient.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007



My online game has been fluctuating as of late. I haven't played that much actually, and while I've been doing pretty well in cash games, my sit-n-go game has been below average. My overall balance is holding tight, and I finally brought it back over the 1G mark again. That may change when I get home tonight, but lets hope it is in the upward direction.
The live game is neither here nor there. I'm playing decent, but I can't seem to do very well against Chizz, whose been killing our home game lately. He's is on a a heater for sure... But the question is he really that good? or is he a very lucky player? I think the jury's still out.
I will tell you that I have a hard time playing him. All I know is the flop always hits him harder than me. If I hit an ace, he outkicks me. If I draw pocket tens, he's got the aces. A straight? Fuckit, he's got the flush. That, and he's untiltable. Because he has no emotions whatsoever. No emotions? no tilt. Also, no facial expressions. No expressions = no tells.

I'm going to post player profiles in the near future, revealing most of my insights of the players who we play often with: their strengths, weaknesses, and my own, as honestly as I can. That'll be interesting... for me.