Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I made a stop at Bay 101 again last night after work. The $2-$4 table.
At first, it wasn't pretty. I must've been sitting at a cold seat, because my cards weren't hitting. I consciously played looser pre-flop,... no not LOSER,...looser. But still didn't catch any cards or flops, so my stack began to shorten quickly. Finally, my chip stack evaporated and I was forced to re-buy-in for 10x the SB.
At that point I switched from seat 2 to seat 4. Suddenly I caught some cowboys and was back to even money in one hand. Another pair of kings fattened me up, and then a couple hands later, my top pair turned into 2 pair on the river, and I took some unlucky dude named "Muckluck's" money.
A hand later Muckluck was all-in for his last one-dollar chip. When the dealer passed by him on his bet, Muckluck got pissed. He began yelling at the dealer. "I've just lost $150 and I'm going to hold on to ONE chip!?" The floor managers all came over to calm him down. Muckluck created quite a commotion. Tempers sure can flare when you're on a bad streak. He didn't get kicked out though; rather he re-bought in and they let him sit down. I'm positive he lost his whole stack before he left. But, I decided it was my time to leave, so I didn't stick around to find out.

I left there with $100 more than I started with. Sorry Muckluck.

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