Monday, March 07, 2005


Last night's poker tourney at Pate's house ended pretty well. I came in second to my poker nemsis: The Chizz. As usual it was a sit'n go $40 freezeout. Seven players. I was playing well, caught a couple decent hands, including a four-of-a-kind from which I pumped Pate for a large percentage of his stack, effectively making him feel like a fool for falling for my slowplay. I knocked out ScottO when his KJ was beaten by my AQ. Then I took out Hoppy when he went all in versus my pocket queens. Later, down to heads-up, I drew top pair on the flop with Kings; Chad calls my large bet with his K4 which was top pair AND bottom pair. Moments later I went all-in with top pair again with Queens on the flop. He called and flipped over QT and won with a better kicker.

Despite having lost, technically, I redeemed myself this time by taking out ScottO, who busted me twice last week. It is sort of poetic justice consiering how much shit he talks, that I busted his ass out first ...
Taking second kind of sucks. But all in all, it didn't suck TOO bad. At least my reputation for being a contender still stands.

I'm not a fluke, I'm not a fluke, I'm not a fluke.

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