Thursday, March 24, 2005

Never try and bluff Luke

Here is a piece of advice that will be invaluable to should you ever play at our home tourney when Luke is playing. Never bluff Luke.
Luke is quite a dangerous player, ... for a calling station. He calls, and calls, and calls and calls. He called his way all the way to the end, to win last night's tournament winning himself $180.
I got to give it to him though. He took down at least 3 heavily raised pots with only Ace high. OK, sure, we are dumbasses for having tried to bluff Luke. But come on,... When I am representing top pair all the way to the river, and I make a huge raise,... He took a minute and called. He flipped over Ace high. Of course I had Ace high too,... but with a shittier kicker. He took down the pot, and crippled me. Lesson learned.

Long run, his play will make me money. This is in fact his first first place finish. I wonder why.

OK, I'm talking shit, but as you can tell, I'm a disgustingly poor loser. I hate losing. I will only feel better when I redeem myself. So with that in mind: see you at Bay 101 after work.

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