Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A couple shows have kept me very entertained lately.
HBO's Rome is excellent. The first season started slow. It took me a couple episodes, but by episode three of season one, I was hooked. The characters are well developed, the story is taut and gripping. The action fast and brutal. The plot, thick, rich and delicious.

Game Show Network's High Stakes Poker Season 3 has just started, and it is better than season 2 in a couple ways. First, no prop bets. Or at least no talking about prop bets. The constant jabbering of the mysterious prop bets last season eliminated all the poker talk. Plus, announcer Gabe Kaplan's been muzzled. At least a little bit.
The play is as good as ever, and Daniel Negreanu's short appearance in the broadcaster's booth was very good. If he ever goes broke playing poker, he'll always have a career in broadcasting. This show is by far the best poker on TV.

Movies I've seen lately:

The Devil Wears Prada. Decently acted. But ultimately, not for me. This movie galmourizes the glamour world which I hate. The protagonist is a cheating, superficial wannabe, who sucks up and idolizes a complete byatch who is deeply flawed and a truly horrible person. Furthermore it perpetuates the fallacy that beautiful women are always skeleton thin. I hated this movie, and feel that audiences are genuinely worse off for having seen it.

The exact polar opposite of the previously mentioned movie. This is a frat guy's movie. It features all the fun exciting games I played in as a child. From Beer Pong to Thumper to Quarters, this movie illustrates the fun of drinking beer and playing games. Two great things that go great together. Dudes will love this movie, and women will hate it. In the end, everyone will have laugh.

Friday, January 05, 2007

We're engaged

We're engaged, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

New Year's Eve, on a brisk pier at Tahoe's North Shore, I proposed to my angel. She said yes.

Before we got together my criteria was simple.
I wanted someone who was smart, funny, good looking and down with what I was into. She's a perfect match for me and we are the best couple I know.

If we ever break up, I'm going on a killing rampage.