Monday, March 21, 2005

kill me

With all this Terry Schiavo talk I wish to clear the record for me.
If I am in a similar situation to Schiavo:
Except, don't starve me to death. Just shoot me... or smother me.

She's been in that condition for 15 years. That's a very long time. Doctors seem convinced she'll never recover. At this point she's practically a doll. If her brain's not working, but her face seems to be kept alive by machines, she's essentially more machine than human.
Without the machine, she'd die. She can't even really be fed by hand per se like Robocop. Liquid food has to be pumped into her.

Please if anyone ever reads this when I am in similar condition. Let me die with dignity.

I would never wish for any loved ones to have to have to deal with me. It would literally ruin their lives financially and psychologically. Put me and them out of our misery by just killin gme. Keeping me alive would not be worth the lives of numerous others, including taxpayers, hospital staff, and most of all family.

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