Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bay 101

I stopped by the Bay 101 today after work. Basically, I was still steaming from last night's horrible showing. As I approached the Brokaw exit off 101, I knew I had to go and redeem myself.
I'll just play the $2/$4 table for a couple hours... Maybe double up? Sure, why not?
I sat down at a table with 3-4 young guys, not unlike myself. The other side of the table were some middle aged white dudes. First assessment of the situation. Loose on my right, tight on my left. I couldn't have picked a better spot. It looked like the dude leaving in front of me did well too, he had a couple racks as he was leaving.
Immediately I hit a straight and pulled in a stack. Keep it tight, Keep it tight, I told myself.
Pretty good. i threw away shit like I am supposed to...
I walked out after 2 hours having more than doubled up.


A small but no less redeeming evening.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

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