Monday, March 07, 2005

Photo gig

I worked Saturday night. It was a fundraiser auction for one of the most exclusive private schools in the area. A bunch of the parents and other notable bigwigs got together to generate copious amounts of money to empower their children. A silent auction was followed by dinner and a live auction where bigwigs can flaunt their massive pocketbooks by overpaying for many different items from wine to vacations to ice-cream socials.
Interestingly enough the teacher's table (for whom the auction was to benefit) was way, way, way back in the back-back of the dining room. They missed out on the entire live auction pretty much, not that they could afford to bid on any of the items anyway.
Wait a minute, this is a private school, don't the parents ALREADY pay an extravagant amount to send their kids there anyway?

I brought a friend of mine with me to shoot, gain experience and supplement the images for the client. Of course it was a win-win for everyone. He even got some chick's phone number out of it.

I am amazed at rich people. It's so interesting and beyond my paradigm to relate to the wealth which they possess. Wannabe photograhers with $1,500 lenses. One woman was sporting a $30,000 Cartier diamond studded watch. Not to mention the bling hanging around her neck and dangling off her ears.

Ah, jealousy gets me nowhere I know. These folks could easily hook a brother up with a new camera set-up and not-even bat an eye.

Today I saw some high school kid rolling through downtown richy-rich street in his new Cadillac Escalade. And it wasn't mom's Escalade either. He had all kinds of sporty-looking stickers on it. Across the street two young punks were pumping some shitty hip-hop from his shiny new Lexus SUV.


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