Friday, December 14, 2007

Poppy on Main Street

Poppy on Main Street, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

Since I haven't posted anything good in a while. I'll continue the tradition with this pretty flower.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

My drawing on skin!

My drawing on skin!, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

Someone got my drawing permanently on their skin!
How cool is that?!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Halloween with background, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

A Halloween illustration for the Town Crier

Monday, October 22, 2007


A couple weeks ago I finally went under the tattoo machine. Holly Ellis of Idle Hand Tattoo inflicted 4.5 hours of art on my ribs. The image, a portrait of my mom and Ellis' version of bamboo painting, is rendered in black and grey and begins just below my hip bone and it extends to just under the armpit.
The experience was as expected. It had its moments. For the most part it feels like hundreds of bee stings, each drawn out a length at a time. At it's most agonizing, it resembled how it might feel to have someone drill into your ribcage with a Mikita. At it's easiest, it felt like a pleasant scratch drawn lightly across the back.
Overall, I'd say I wouldn't choose the ribs for my next piece, but now thinking back to the experience, I can't say I remember the pain all that much.
I can tell you that once the pain is over, comes something I consider to be worse than the acute sting of the machine. The itch. So far, the relentless itch of healing flesh has been consistent over the last two weeks. Scratching is bad. Slapping only somewhat works. Lubricating with unscented lotion works for about a minute. Only now is it starting to mellow. But my fear is that it will always itch a bit. I hope not, but after the past two weeks, it seems like it'll never stop.
The tattoo looks great. It fits my body perfectly. My fiance, at first apprehensive about the concept, took one look and declared her love for it. My brother is stoked with its likeness to mom.
Me, I love having it. It looks cool. It is meaningful. It's well done.

A few more hours of pain, and it'll be finished. I'll post pics when it's done.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Ghost Wars

Ghost Wars, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

A painstakingly researched book documenting the CIA and their involvement in Afghanistan from Vietnam to 9-11.

It took me a solid year to read this book, mostly because I only read it a couple pages at a time, in my car, during my work breaks.
Despite how long it took to finish, I found it to be a page-turner, filled with interesting characters, intriguing plot twists, frustrating CIA/Gov't blunders, and tragic consequences.
A compelling, intelligent, detailed Pulitzer winning non-fictional book.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Rear ended on 84

Rear ended on 84, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

Driving to work today, my car got ass-reamed. Not in a sexual way.
... Or was it?
So, as I was cruising up the two-lane highway 84, the truck in front of me stopped to turn left, so I stopped too. But the car behind me didn't.


Her pops showed up to giver her a supportive hug while CHP inspects the damage.
Bungee cords now hold together my car's ass.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sam and Jen's wedding

SamD's wedding was a few weeks ago and was a blast. I'd say it was easily at the top 2 or 3 weddings ever. They had it at the Plumpjack resort at Squaw Valley with entertainment provided by the Police cover bad, Stung. After a nice, heartwarming and brief ceremony, we headed off to the Plumpjack for beer, wine and food. The food was standard wedding fare beef with a mixed veggie plate. Nothing to write home about, but not bad either. The speeches were excellent, with the Best Man Coby Bell giving a hysterical toast for Sam. The couple opted to skip cake cutting, flower tossing, garter-throwing, and honestly, those ceremonial events were not missed at all by any of the guests.
After dinner, I noticed a few of Sam's older family members outside enjoying a cigar. So naturally, I joined them with a couple of my own stoges.
Turns out these guys were Sam's uncles. The same guys who taught SamD shotgunning and fishing. The guys who taught Sam to be a man. Uncle Bob and Doug instantly fascinated all of us. We monopolized his time squeezing Sam stories from him for hours. I dashed in and out between the dance floor (which was kickin') and the Uncle Doug lessons-in-life and Sam D stories all night.
Finally, Amy and I got down to real business on the dance floor. Stung played most of the Police classics and infused them with favorites by Bob Marley and Sublime. We got the dance floor moving. When their set ended, Amy got the floor chanting "ENCORE, ENCORE!" and to our surprise, they fired up and played two more songs until security literally pulled the plug. At one point the lead singer said, "This is better than Oakland Colosseum!"
It was for us.

Afterward, we headed back to our rental cabin. The Buchman house.
We had a few more drinks and decided to take in the Perseid meteor shower on the front lawn. Absolutely incredible. We saw at least 5-10 shooting stars.
Despite the house's broken water heater, we'd go back, especially in winter, when it's very very close proximity to the ski lifts would be very convenient.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007



My online game has been fluctuating as of late. I haven't played that much actually, and while I've been doing pretty well in cash games, my sit-n-go game has been below average. My overall balance is holding tight, and I finally brought it back over the 1G mark again. That may change when I get home tonight, but lets hope it is in the upward direction.
The live game is neither here nor there. I'm playing decent, but I can't seem to do very well against Chizz, whose been killing our home game lately. He's is on a a heater for sure... But the question is he really that good? or is he a very lucky player? I think the jury's still out.
I will tell you that I have a hard time playing him. All I know is the flop always hits him harder than me. If I hit an ace, he outkicks me. If I draw pocket tens, he's got the aces. A straight? Fuckit, he's got the flush. That, and he's untiltable. Because he has no emotions whatsoever. No emotions? no tilt. Also, no facial expressions. No expressions = no tells.

I'm going to post player profiles in the near future, revealing most of my insights of the players who we play often with: their strengths, weaknesses, and my own, as honestly as I can. That'll be interesting... for me.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Moving and the tattoo

We finally got moved into the new place.
What a fucking nightmare. Moving has got to be one of the most unpleasant things to do. And worse, to put others through. So to anyone who helped. We truly appreciate it.
Nothing quite compares to the agony of moving. It's essentially hard-core manual-ass labor. It gets dusty, dirty, sweaty, and generally funkdified. You make monotonously excruciating trips to the house, to the truck, back to the house, back to the truck, and on and on and on. Absolutely hellish. It reminds me of what hell must be like.
So then comes cleanup. And our house was dirty as shit. Embarassingly dirty. Let me explain. Our house is surrounded by dirt. So everything gets covered in dust. And we have three animals. We don't brush them that often. So the shedding is ... abundant. Let's just say, we could've made another dog with the hair bunched in the corner of the room.
But those days are over. We resolve to keep the new pad clean.
We're going to get a new vacuum cleaner. New mops, new Swifters.

On another note.
I finally made the appointment and put a deposit on my tattoo.
Holly is doing it. It's been almost a year since I've been planning this, and now it's on the calendar officially.
Finding and scheduling a tattoo session is not an easy task I've discovered. Sure I could've probably scheduled a tattoo with some random person in a street shop, but I really want my first tattoo to be top-notch and significant. There are many excellent artists in the bay area, especially SF and San Jose. And I mean world-class artists. Making a decision on who's going to mark me forever is difficult. And then there's getting the appointment. But Ithe truth is that most of the artists I tried contacting didn't answer emails, phone calls or left messages. I understand why. They must be getting requests from everywhere and have to be discriminating. Sounds like a great gig.
But when I finally talked to Holly, she seemed into it, and though she has a 6 month waiting list, she got me on the list much sooner. So I pulled the trigger and scheduled it. I'm stoked. My final consultation is late September, and the sitting will be a couple weeks later.

Lots of cool stuff going on.
Check out my flickr site, I update that with drawings and pics every so often.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

New house, independence day, and poker

We closed on our house!
I'm officially in SERIOUS debt.
But on a positive note, we're going to be finally paying toward our own future, instead of paying into our landlord's savings account. Now we have Air Conditioning, and we'll definitely need it. We (hopefully) will no longer have to deal with downtown San Jose's ruffians, sleep through the sounds of gunfire, walk past mean looking bums and meaner looking gangsters just to get to the corner store. How refreshing that would be?

We walked through it yesterday and met our new neighbors, Bob and Laurel. They seem genuinely nice. And they have some anti-Bush/anti-Iraq war stickers on their garbage cans. So chances are, we'll get along fine. As long as they don't mind the occasional late night, rowdy poker night.

Speaking of poker. I took down a 2nd place and a win in last week's poker games at Eric's house to bank a couple hundo in cold hard ones. That too was quite a refreshing change for me. My online cold streak has continued, with a bit of a warming trend as of late. Interestingly enough, I tend to do well in live games when my online game sucks and vice versa.

Happy Independence Day!
We spent a few hours at JoeO's new place for the fourth. It was an old fashioned all-american pool party. Chicks in bikini's, dogs on grill, guacamole, chips, tons-o-beer. And it was a hot one, so the pool was really really necessary.
We followed it up with dinner at Sam's. Marissa made us some awesome flank steak wrapped with herb cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, a zucchini pie and grilled string beans. ... oh and tons more beer.

I couldn't make it to see the fireworks, but they sure sounded great.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Dragon smoke, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

Here's my latest attempt at drawing a japanese style dragon. It's definitely a challenging subject, but I feel more confident every time I draw one. Drawing smoke properly is a mystery to me, but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon enough.
So, so far most of my drawings are straight black ink, but I intend to go back and work on my coloring skills once my Wacom tablet arrives. Screw going out to buy colored pencils (which cost major duckets) when I can buy a Wacom tablet and color til my eyes bleed.

Also these black pieces could be an awesome tattoo-styled coloring book once I compile 20 or so.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


KOI, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

I drew this a couple nights ago.
Using lots of references, I finally feel comfortable drawing the waves and the scales. It seems that I need to draw stuff a couple times before I feel competent drawing them from memory.
My pen and Ink confidence is growing, and I feel my inking is improving.
The next challenge is to color some of my images. I think I'll use my recent drawings as a coloring book to practice my color skills.

In other events:
Spent the weekend in Lake Tahoe for SamD's bachelor party. We did the usual required bachelor party activities; of course strippers and massive amounts of beers. There were Patron shots at one point. Also a lot of dude bonding: some non-gay sauna and hot tub sessions, a boat excursion, and tons more beer. We also managed to play a bit of poker and blackjack at the casinos. We also ate like kings all weekend. So all-in-all, a damn fine adventure.
Congrats to Sam.

Friday, June 08, 2007

BIG stakes poker

Check out high stakes poker player Brian Townsend's (sbrugby) blog.
The world series of poker is going on right now, and he's there playing some fucking ridiculous stakes with the high rollers at Bellagio.
He can be frequently found online playing against the likes of Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius, both of whom play the highest stakes poker in the world. Some of the pots these guys are in can literally buy a house (or houses, plural, in some cities).

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Back to the grind

I'm back to the daily grind at work. It's sort of depressing to be power lounging on a weekday afternoon drinking a cold one, while all my cohorts are slaving away for the man. Then Sunday comes and you cringe at the thought that you're going to go back to slaving away for the man. Then, you go slave away.
Back to work. Nothing's changed. Suddenly that week off seems like an eternity ago. Ancient history. May as well have been last year.

Bigger news:
I bought a house.
Amy and I are going to officially be Livermorons in one month's time. Last week I spent some time finalizing paperwork, doing inspections and all that other mumbo jumbo associated with buying a house. What a pain in the ass. Of course it'll all be worth it in the end when we get the keys to the place.
Anyway, it's a very exciting development. Much will change once the move happens. Most of all, we'll be homeowners. And almost most of all, we'll be getting the fuck outta downtown San Ho. Thank the lord.

Poker (bad beat stories ahead):
The last poker night was disastrous for me. The first game, I got knocked out pretty quickly after being cold-decked. Luke was on a tear. He readily admits being one lucky mutherfacka. One one ridiculous hand, a player goes all-in for about 40x the big blind. Luke makes the call for most of his chips. All-in player flips over AQ (or something like that). Luke flips over K2h! The flop has a deuce, and the turn and river blank, doubling Luke up. "You just got LUKED!!!"
The second game, Luke literally knocked out 5 players by bad-beat. He was making horrendous calls for all his chips with the shittiest of shitty hands.
My final hand looked like this.
I'm in mid-position with A9. I'm pretty shortstacked. An early position limps, I limp, Luke limps behind me. Flop comes AJx. EP checks, I go all-in. Luke thinks a bit and calls, EP folds. I show my pair of Aces. Luke shows J10 for second pair. Turn blanks, and the river hits his five-outer. A ten. I just got Luked.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Snake and skull

Snake and skull, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

I've uploaded a couple new drawings to my Flickr site.
Check'm out and let me know what you think.
Constructive critisim is always welcome.

BTW, I'm on vacation right now.


Monday, May 21, 2007

HabitForming's book

My buddy Rob aka HabitForming, who has spent the last couple years cataloging Bay Area grafitti and stickers, has self-published a book of his photographs.
His exhaustive efforts which borders on obsession is a true reflection of the grafitti and sticker scene. It includes work from such prolific street artists as, Girafa, Logo, Pi, and AKO.
He intends to publish a new version every couple months or so.

buy it!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ridiculous Burger

Ridiculous Burger, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

Luke came over the other night and we decided to make some burgers.
So we bought 1.13 lbs of burger and split it in half to make two huge meatballs. A bit more poking and smashing and we had "Ridiculous Patties"...
A few moments on the grill, some seeded and toasted Kaiser buns, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, mustard and ketchup and voila: The Ridiculous Burger.

.56 lbs of pure deliciousness.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Skull and Roses

SkullsnRoses-1-sm, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

I had a tough time thinking of something to draw.
Skulls have been an ongoing theme, and I love drawing them, so I started there. I love drawing roses too. They're actually quite hard to draw. I'm not sure how well I've done them, but when skulls and roses are drawn together, it always looks dramatic.

I started using Faber-Castell PITT artist pens with a nice fine brush tip. ...much easier than using an actual brush and I think it gives the lines a bit more life.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bad run

Oh my god am I running bad in sit&gos lately.
I was killing the $20 games easily last month, and suddenly I can't win one to save my life. I've not been hit any of my draws, lost every coin flip, and put my money in outkicked, or dominated, everytime. It is truly getting frustrating. It's been a while since I've seen such poor results.

The main changes to my game:
I moved up to the $30 s&gs. They seem to be tougher, tighter.
I'm probably playing less aggressively. Due to running bad.
I'm making dumber all-in moves, especially over playing top pair.

also, the dreaded cold deck as been hitting me:
Second nuts running into the nuts.
Less of my big draws are hitting.
Losing coin flips.
Bad Beat City!

I intend to keep up my normal game. I've seen bad beat city before, and I have been able to weather the storms of bad beats and sick coolers. Plugging the tangible leaks will be essential, and hopefully the intangible cold-deck will go away for a while.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Shotguns de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo:
Evan, Luke and I went out to shoot some clays at Coyote early in the morning. I hit my best score yet in skeet scoring 20, and then hit my worst round of trap ever on my last round of shells scoring something like 9 out of 25. Bad concentration, but I'll blame the wind.
After cleaning our guns, we picked up a few cervezas to begin our Cinco de Mayo celebration. Not that we are Mexican American in the least, but since we live in downtown San Jose, that pretty much makes us honorary Mexicans right? OK, perhaps not, but we decided to go get Margaritas and Mexican food anyway.
Two pitchers of 'ritas and a shot of Patron Silver later, we headed back to the pad to watch the DeLaHoya vs. Mayweather fight.

Let me say this. I WAS a huge boxing fan. WAS. I will officially NEVER purchase boxing on PPV ever again. First of all, this fight was nothing more than a glorified sparring match. 12 rounds of lollygagging, light jabbing and dancing around each other made for a seriously uneventful fight. After 12 rounds, not only were they not even breathing hard, they didn't have as much as a scratch. Typically after 3 rounds of freaking jumping-some-godamn-rope, they'd be breathing harder. This shit was a joke. Furthermore after losing the fight to a decision, DeLaHoya still took home $25 million. What kind of incentive does he have to win, if he still gets $25 million when he fucking LOSES?!
$55 down the freaking drain.

Bottom line: FUCK BOXING, FUCK DELAHOYA, and FUCK MAYWEATHER. They just lost a boxing fan.

Long Live MMA.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Went to the shotgun facilities this weekend with my cousin Evan, my brother and our old friend JoeC. After shooting a bunch of rounds of Wobble Trap, we moved over to the skeet range.
Skeet is FUN.
While Trap is more of a solitary discipline, skeet has much more group dynamic. You move through the stations as a group, so shooters can interact with each other a lot more easily. Also, the game itself is more exciting. The dual houses, and different stations give you a different look at each station.

I need a couple more shooters and we'll have a full squad to shoot with on a hopefully regular basis.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Beach house weekend

Took a day off last week to relax at the beach house last weekend. Despite bleak weather forecasts, the weather was quite bearable. Friday evening was only partly cloudy and nice enough for a excellent sunset accompanied by a nice bonfire on the beach. Plenty of beer kept our brains warm, and an action packed game of Jenga kept us entertained when the weather got too nipply.
Saturday was a lazy one. We power-lounged all day.
The rain started up and did not relent. No bonfire. But I did BBQ a nice tri-tip, with rice-pilaf and roasted veggies. Someone made a bet with JoeO to drink an entire bottle of Chianti while standing on a stool within 30 minutes. We all threw in a ten spot. So for $60 he drained the bottle in 15 minutes.
With beers and wine coursing through our veins, we took in a movie, but didn't last 15 minutes before crashing out.
I awoke groggily to a gorgeous morning. An utterly cloud-free day.

Someone suggested a game of poker. So of course, poker was on.
I took second-place in the first one. After being thick stacked and ultra-aggressive, we get down to two. Me and Chad. Heads-up, it went like this. I held QQ. He bet. I raise (big)... he calls. Flop comes an ugly Axx. He raises all-in. I go in the tank. I should be able to toss this in the muck. But it's Chad afterall. Rain Man. Luckbox, Calling Station. He'd make this move with any two cards. Of course in my gut, I knew he had me. Another look at my cards, two ugly queens begged me to call and end this misery. So I did. Turn and River do not help. I take second.
Game two: It lasted a bit longer. I made a couple choice semi-bluffs and got thick-stacked again. Eventually, JoeO and I went heads-up. 2 hands later I crown myself King of the World with my victory.

Then I get bamboozled to stay and help Chad paint the laundry room. But despite being worked like a slave, getting paint on my new hoodie, it was worth it just to behold this: before going back to reality.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cards Dead

Cold decks have hit me hard in live games lately. Last night, nine players at Dylan's house. We started shortstacked with only 3,000 in chips, 12 minute blinds, and blinds starting at 25-25. In my opinion, not nearly enough chips for any real poker play. After the 4th level, I chased a flush draw which missed, leaving me in push & pray mode. I saw a chance and pushed with 77. A loose call behind me led to one of many lost races for the evening.
We played a couple more, and I lost all of them. Not necessarily due to bad play, but I couldn't hit a flop or win a race to save my life. I didn' t play great, but ultimately I was truly card dead.
A bad streak for sure. I've been doing so well online, but my live game has certainly suffered. So I'm going to need to step it up a notch and weather the storm. I know that the cards will turn for me eventually.
In tournament poker, winning coin-flips is crucial. It helps being big stacked where a lost coing flip doesn't mean going broke. But when you are playing shortstacked, usually a coin-flip is MUST WIN. I chose moments where I had the best chance of doubling up. Unless you are playing total donkeys (last night was not one of those games) the majority of those situations are at best 60-40, but usually 50-50. If you never win a single coin-flip, which I did not last night, you will not go deep in the tournament.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Poker at Sam's

Sam had a couple of us over to his place for some poker action this weekend. It was shorthanded, so we started a cash game. It was a ridiculously one-sided affair. Chad (aka Chizz aka Chestnut aka RAIN MAN) was catching cards like you wouldn't freaking believe. He caught pocket rockets literally five times during the evening. He won all five. He was also showing awesome hands regularly: flushes, straights, trips, fool houses... you name it, he had 'em. He was nice enough to show his cards despite my HUGE laydowns. Luckily I read him right most of the night, so I didn't pay him off THAT much. Near the end of our cash game session, I finally caught him on one big hand and managed to finish the session up a few bucks.
The tournament that followed demonstrated how horribly I am capable of playing. To my own defense, I was legitimately card dead. But I found myself chasing a flush with Sam betting into me. I caught it. Unfortunately.
I made a raise on the river, thinking it was a value bet. But really, Sam's hollywood-ass all-in re-raise was the actual value bet. I insta-call and he flips up the rivered Fool House. I go home coolered by the motherfucking ace on the river.
I know I didn't deserve to win by any stretch of the imagination, cause I just played so damn bad. But I'll have plenty of chances to redeem myself. And I can keep telling myself that losing a little is good in the long run, so that I may win big against my opponents later. Soon, I'll start believing it.

Everyday is a Good Day

I've recently found Japanese/Brazilian tattooist Jun Matsui's blog, Life Under Zen. It chronicles his tattooing and travelling exotic destinations that is his day to day life. From the first post, his blog maintains a sense of peace, tranquilty and perfection which is a pleasure to read. It's sort of a vacation unto itself.
His tattoo work, which combines japanese, somoan and maori styles of tattooing, is thoughtful and significant. The linework is immaculate.
Matsui's life seems to be filled with peace, party, art, travel and good food.
I envy his experiences, skill and lifestyle. We should all be so blessed.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Dogs in a jeep

Dogs in a jeep, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Final table at the Mookie

77 players/bloggers played in the Mookie last night. I knocked out and crippled several players early, putting me fat stacked for much of the tournament. I played super duper tight for a long time seeing very little playable cards. I did manage to drop the hammer twice winning blinds, which is always a bonus.
At the final table, the action was swift until we got down to four players. Me, TFG, JoeSpeaker and BoneDaddy shuffled stacks for a while when JoeSpeaker finally falls to BoneDaddy when his A3 is outkicked. Soon thereafter, I push all-in with KTo, get called by TFG with QJo. Four clubs on the flop and one on the river give TFG a flush and gives me third place money.
Final two didn't take long. BoneDaddy gets taken out by TFG's nut flush five minutes into heads-up play.
And there we have it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The joys of motherhood

The joys of motherhood, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

Any funny captions?

Best caption gets $5 in their Fulltilt poker account.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Shotgun Fun

Took the shotgun out Sunday and last night with my cousin Evan. He recently became the proud new owner of a Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun, and wanted to get some shooting time in.
Sunday we hit up Coyote Valley Sporting Clays and shot a few rounds of trap. I shot mediocre. But I did have quite a good time. Some sun, about a hundred rounds and a nice Romeo y Julietta to go along with the fresh scent of gunpowder.
A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Last night I went out to County of Santa Clara Field Sports Park, aka "Metcalf" with Evan to get a few more rounds in. We ended up shooting Skeet for the first time. It was a blast, and now that we've learned how to play properly, I get a new game to try and master. It'll be great, because as fun as trap is, skeet is more fun with a group. Hopefully I can get a couple more buddies to get guns and come with me to blow some shit up.
Plus, not only is it fun, but we'll be better prepared for armageddon.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Poker at Eric's

Last week's poker action was at Eric's house. $40 buy-in, Me, EricN, Bootie, SamD, Hideki, ScottO, JoeO, Irwin, Chad and Greg played for several hours with the final three being Hideki, Sam and Me. In the end, Hideki held the big stack and took first place money, while Sam and I split 2nd and third place money.
With a faster structure for the second game, we flew through players pretty quick. I fought my way up to chip leader early on when I rivered a flush against Irwin. But, not long after, I totally blew my stack when I fully overplayed JJ into ScottO's flopped trip sevens. For some reason, I completely brain farted. I knew I had him beat pre-flop. But when he checked the flop, I checked behind him too quickly. And then inexplicably, I heard myself say "all-in" when the ace hit the turn. The minute I saw the ace, I knew I was beat. But it was too late. ScottO instantly called with pocket sevens. There was a seven on the flop. I was suddenly crippled. A couple hands later, I pushed with QQ, only to run into Bootie's KK, and I was done.

For the evening, I was still up $40, so the horrible play didn't get my mood down too much. It bites that I lost to ScottO when I know I should've been able to get away from JJ. The ace on the turn should've saved my ass, but instead I Matusow'd and blew the fuck up.

Online, I recouped the steep loss I took earlier in the week, and my Sharkscope graph is finally back to where it ought to be.

BTW, Eric's new nickname is: Titties.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Been getting killed at the Sit-n-Gos. Lost like 5 in a row.
So much for the ROI, dammit.
Running bad and playing bad.
My Sharkscope graph is taking a major shit right now. But, that's to be expected while going up in limits. One loss moves the line twice as far.
I'll just have to dig in, and play good. A bit of luck would be nice too.

Well I just delivered a horrendous beat to some poor dude. I'll take it as a good omen.

Monday, April 02, 2007


Sharkscope, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

My Sit-n-Go graph at Full Tilt via Sharkscope.

As you can see, my performance in my last 100 games has been decent. Maybe I was just running bad in the first 100 games, but now I have an average return on investment (in sit-n-goes) of +28%. Not too shabby.
Let's hope it stays this way.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


When half of my players flaked on my home game last night, Sam, Dylan, Chad and I decided played a heads-up tourney.
Me vs. Dylan, Sam vs Chad. Winners battle for all the money.
Dylan had me on the ropes for most of the match. But I fought back a couple times and finally eliminated him. Chad lost to Sam, so I was to take on Sam D for the money.
It didn't take long.
I held KTo. There was a bet and a call.
Flop: KTJ
I bet, he raises, I go all-in, he insta-calls.
I show KT for two pair.
He shows KJ for a bigger two pair.
I say, "damn, I need a ten"
Turn: blank.
River: Ten.

I had him by one chip.

He promised to never tell this bad beat story EVER.
And since for me it was a GOOD BEAT story, I reserve the right to say it as many times as I want. This would be the 4th time since last night. :)

Cash game followed; Irwin and Christian show up for some no-limit $.25-$.50. I played wildly, calling with shit, raising with shit. Having fun. But Sam was having no fun. Dylan just rubs him the wrong way, so basically every word out of Dylan's mouth was followed by a disdainful comment or at least rolled eyes from Sam.
That sort of sucked, but I understand. Some people just can't play poker well with others. Especially after taking a bad beat like he had earlier, it just leaves bad tastes in the mouth.
Chad played his usual hyper-aggro, kill-Joe game. He came after me with a flush draw and pushed all-in when I held trip-sixes. We got it all in on the turn and sweated his nut-flush draw. My set held up, and he was felted.
"God, I was hoping to see the diamond and see you on tilt." He says.
Fucking bastard.

He deserved it a felting by me. It was about friggin' time.

Poker is fun for me lately. I've been doing well on Full-Tilt, my bankroll is slowly building. My game has improved. I'm confident I can beat the spread limit game at Garden City, and am ready to climb the poker ladder some more. I'm certain I can be a bigger winner in some of the larger games (relatively), but the roll needs to fatten to do that. So with some determination and a little luck, I know I can accomplish that.

Peace in the Middle East.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Watchmen

The guy who directed 300 is going to be making The Watchmen.
The Watchmen is the godfather of adult graphic novels. Not "adult" in the XXX sense, but adult as-in: complex story, gritty flawed hero characters, brutal violence, compelling plot and dialog.
If you've never read The Watchmen, and have any interest in reading a genuine comic classic. Get it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lost buy-ins

First losing session at Garden City last night. Spread limit.
I dropped two buy-ins after several hours of play. Overall I think I played well. Maybe a bit too tight, but after being up for a while, I brain farted and raised a pot knowing I was beat. I played the hand so bad I almost want to just quit playing altogether. But we all know there's no way I will do that.
Lesson learned... Keep the pot small with small hands, Only be in a big pot with a big hand. ALWAYS.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Good vs. Bad fats

Good vs. Bad fats, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

Here's a cheezy illustration I made for an upcoming article on the differences between the "good" fats and "bad" fats and its effects on the heart.

The concept of the good fat fighting bad fats was courtesy of the ole' Chizz-diggler.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Mookie tonight. Wish me luck. I'll need it.

** 9:40 pm pst**
I came in second out of 38 players.
Overall I played ok. I did suck out a couple times at crucial moments...
Getting second place was a miracle.

Me and Zeem heads-up lasted two hands.
Full Tilt Poker Game #1991308447: The Mookie - O Canada (14783474), Table 4 - 400/800 Ante 100 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:38:54 ET - 2007/03/15

Seat 3: Zeem (43,939)
Seat 9: Joe_13 (13,061)
Zeem antes 100
Joe_13 antes 100
Zeem posts the small blind of 400
Joe_13 posts the big blind of 800
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Joe_13 [Td Kc]
Zeem raises to 1,600
mookie99 (Observer): sick beat earlier
Joe_13 calls 800
*** FLOP *** [Kh 2d Th]
Joe_13 checks
Zeem checks
csquard (Observer): gl zeem; hope you don't need it...
*** TURN *** [Kh 2d Th] [Ah]
Joe_13 checks
Zeem bets 3,000
Joe_13 raises to 11,361, and is all in
Zeem calls 8,361
Joe_13 shows [Td Kc]
Zeem shows [4h 3h]
*** RIVER *** [Kh 2d Th Ah] [3c]
Joe_13: nice
Joe_13 shows two pair, Kings and Tens
Zeem shows a flush, Ace high
Zeem wins the pot (26,122) with a flush, Ace high
Zeem: gg
Joe_13 stands up
mookie99 (Observer): gg guys...
Zeem stands up
sjpc yabi (Observer): gg!!!
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 26,122 | Rake 0
Board: [Kh 2d Th Ah 3c]
Seat 3: Zeem (small blind) showed [4h 3h] and won (26,122) with a flush, Ace high
Seat 9: Joe_13 (big blind) showed [Td Kc] and lost with two pair, Kings and Tens

I didn't even see the three flush. Blinded by the flopped two pair.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend at the beach

Sunset, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

Chad hooked us up with a weekend on the beach this weekend. It also happened to be the most beautiful weekend of the year. Perfect temperatures, awesome sunsets and a shitpile of beers = big smiles.
In exchange, we helped Chad paint a couple rooms at the beach house.

We also played some drunken short handed poker that night. My goal was to play the worst hands possible. I managed to play a few "good" hands, but for the most part, I was calling or raising with absolute gargage hands like K4o. In all I ended up making about $10 at the end of the night, only to lose it the next day after getting knocked out first on a $10 turbo tourney.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


I got knocked out 5th in the Mookie last night. Read the live updates at Mookie's blog.
The tournament paid to 4th place.
I got lucky a couple times. By now the bloggers must think I'm the biggest donkey. Which is just what I want them to think. (Insert villainous laughter)...

Next week.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Mookie tonight.

I took 3rd place last week. Looking for a win tonight.

Spread 'em

I spent a couple hours at the $3-100 spread limit game at Garden City last night.
First notable hand I played against a thick african-american dude. He looked tired. He'd probably been there a few hours. He was continually rubbing his eyes, yawning etc.
I raised from late position with AdQh. He called. The flop came down 648 rainbow. I bet he calls. Turn comes blank. He looked to be drawing. Maybe he had a low pair. I figured I might be able to push him off his hand. I bet again, he thought a bit and called. River came an ace, pairing me. I bet 1/3 the pot. He goes into the tank for a minute and calls. I flip over the Aces, and he mucks.
Later, he limps from early position. Two more players limp to me in the cutoff. I raise with AdJc. He calls. The flop comes down with three diamonds. He thinks for a bit and sticks in the rest of his chips. I'm getting just better than two to one, and with the nut flush draw, I reluctantly call. The turn and river blank. I miss completely. I figure him for at least a pair and flash my ace. He nods. My ace good?? He mucks and leaves the table.
Later a weak-ish young player to my right limps. I raise with A9s. The flop comes down 10,7,6 with two spades. He bets out $30. I say raise, and push in $100 more. He thinks for a moment and mucks.
A bit later I pick up some big hands but am unable to get more than a couple blinds. At that point, a couple new players show up at my table, and I donk off a bunch of my stack leaving me almost even. After four hours of play, and after being up $250, I break even.

So all in all, I played ok. I should've been able to capitalize on my big hands more. I should've laid down an A7 to a shortstack pre-flop all-in... He had rockets. I could've gotten away from some resteals.
I have noticed that after a couple hours of play, the chips no longer feel like cash. They start to feel like chips. My nervousness is pretty much gone.
As long as I continue to play my top game, tight-aggressive, make good reads, apply pressure, and make good lay downs, this game has potential for me.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Garden City

Finally sat down at the spread limit game at Garden City. It's a $100 buy-in, $3-100 spread limit, with $1-3 blinds. I doubled up right quick when AA held up to the river against a sneaky player holding a straight draw. The next few rounds I played tight, stealing 2 hands to keep my stack even. Then, during my big blind, several players limp including the small blind. I check with 65o. Flop comes 554. SB bets I call. Everyone else folds. Turn 4. He pushes $100. I raise all-in (maybe another $85). River blainks. He flips over 94o I rake a shit pile of chips.
I hate to say that I hit and run, but I pretty much did. Chad showed up took one look at the list, which was 30-40 players long and said, "yeah, not gonna happen". So I played a couple more rounds, bought the dude I crippled a couple drinks, and cashed out soon after with 4x buy-in.

Initial impression: This game is definitely beatable. There are some horrendous players. Some think they're tricky, a couple really are. Most are very transparent.
I had the 10 seat. To my left, a mid thirties caucasion guy, a prop player badge. Played solid, aggressive style. Next to him, a young asian guy. Wild hair. He wore three layers of grimy polo shirts, an a funk'dified Tan sweater. He was sweating and grinding his teeth. He played very aggressive usually all-in on the flop. Re-bought twice. Then a dark skinned gentleman; mustache, Oakley sunglasses, and a stoic demeanor. Then a young college looking kid. That is, skinny, light curly hair, argyle sweater. Probably Stanford grad student. A young philipino or islander who was a spitting image of BJ Penn. He started with a big stack but got caught bluffing a couple hands and had about a buy-in left in chips. Then and older white guy. Very friendly nice fellow who played poorly. Then the sneaky player. White, late thirties, stocky, talky. He liked to play low suited connectors hoping to draw. Liked to call out his opponents hands. Then the young hyper-aggressive player to my right. Derrick I think he said. Nice enough guy. Boisterous. Talked it up. He was showing tons of preflop bluff raises. The prop player was itching for a piece.
These guys were decent players. I would try and stay away from the prop player. But for the most part I think I could do good in this game.

In order to win at this game: Play a smart tight-aggressive game, pick on the fish, and stay away from the good players. Pot control will be crucial. Since you're starting with so little chips relative to the blinds, Picking your moments is of the utmost. Remember, big pots with big hands, small pots with small hands.
Picking up on tells will be big. Look for shaking hands, pulsing neck, nervous lookaway, chipglance, weak leads, reaching for chips, reaching to fold.
Advertising will work against good players. Fake a chipglance, when bluffing, fake a chipreach. Watch to see if they are studying you. Fake a pre-muck and raise. DON'T BLUFF AT BAD PLAYERS. Beware a good player calling your raise. Bluff at good players on scary boards. Check-raise more when strong. Choose a time to leave... either +/- $ amount or a certain number of hours. Get up when steaming!

Good luck. (Except for Chad)

Friday, February 23, 2007


My online poker pimp hand has been pretty strong lately. I've been dominating the sit-n-goes. That is: dominating the "chump-change" tables. Since much of my Neteller bankroll had been withdrawn to pay some bills (before the shutdown) and the rest is currently in limbo, I only had $100 or so in my FullTilt account to play with. In the last couple weeks, I more than quadrupled it. May not seem like much, but my roll languishing between $80 and $200 for the last 3-4 months. I'd been either playing badly or running bad, but I was not winning much (but not losing much either). Then the other day, I had a poker revelation. When I first started playing, I was unafraid to push my stack when I thought my opponent was weak. Overbetting the pot was a useful tool in no-limit, and I had all but eliminated it from my arsenal. The convention of making pot-sized bets cramped my style. I was also playing too passively with mediocre hands. I should be either raising or folding them. Instead I was making weak calls with weak draws and weak pairs. In other words, SUCKING (not sucking-out mind you).
So I have been check-raising more, calling less, and adding a couple select hands to my pre-flop strategy. And of course playing position better. The end result is a fattening roll which will continue to fatten hopefully.
I do need to keep up the vigilance, because I'm aiming to move up in limits. Previous efforts to move up had led my bankroll to be as small as it was.
I'm itching for some more live poker though. Bay 101 and Garden City are freaking madhouses in the afternoons, with wait lists exceeding an hour every day. I just don't have enough time to sit there waiting for a seat to open up. But as I can tell, the fish are LIVE! So it might just be worth it. I've heard 7am Sunday morning is a good time to get there to play against the sleep-deprived players. I might have to try that this weekend.

My home game has been fun, but it needs a serious infusion of new blood. We've pretty much been breaking even every week after many hours of play. With no clear winner, (except Chad "RainMan" ) who catches gutshots like Odog catches tennis balls) the game just doesn't get the blood going like it used to. Plus, we are all a bit sick of RainMan's suck-outs.

Let me know if any of y'all are interested in playing. We could use some fresh-meat,... er,... new players.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Mookie

I''ve made the final table of "The Mookie : Storm the Peak" blogger tournament on Full Tilt.
I've been getting lucky. Once when my JJ made a flush against KK. and another time when my A6 call on a shortstacked KK flopped big for me.

Just sucked out on another one: AJ vs AK. Sorry fella. Again.

* - Got cold decked in the final 3. Pushed all-in with K4. Maudie held 66. Her pair held up.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I've been obsessed lately with tattoos. Being an artist, naturally having some on my body seems normal. I'm not sure if it was fear of pain or of having a shitty piece on me, but I never got around to getting one. At one point, I guess I was proud to not have a barbwire or tribal armband, or a huge indian head on my shoulder. I'm certainly glad to not have any stupid mistakes permanently on my body (other than the scars from a clumsy youth.)
For the past year or so, I have been positive that I want one.
I've done a shitpile of research. I've perused thousands of images of tattoos, read every article I can find, every blog, every tattoo related forum and even watched some tattoo reality programs.
All this has fueled the fire. Seeing the work of undeniably talented artists has reinvigorated my artistic inspiration as well. The work of Guy Aitchison, Adrian Lee, Grime, Paul Booth is awe inspiring.
Ultimately, I will get a tattoo. This year will be one of big change for me and having myselfe inked for the first time will mark the occasion. So far I've visited many artists locally, and making the decision on who will be the artist is tough. The San Francisco bay area is a mecca for tattoo art and is the home to many world-class artists. Really, I am incredibly lucky to have my choice of artists.

So far I've met several artists about my concepts and have thus placed myself on the wait list for two artists. Jason Grace at Idle Hand SF and Adrian Lee at NewSkool. So far I've not received word from Adrian Lee, even though I should've been called by now. I expect to be contacted about a consult with Jason Grace within a month or two. Either way, I'm sure the work will be sick. Hopefully soon.

Here are some of the links I check out frequently:
Ink Trails
Allen Tattoo
Life Under Zen
Tattoo Blog
Inked Nation

Friday, February 09, 2007

War Books

I've been on a reading tear. Which is unusual for me. For some reason, while it may take me months to finish a fictional novel, war related non-fiction has my undivided attention. I read four very entertaining books lately all related to the topic of war. If war is at all interesting to you. Check these out.

License to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror by Robert Young Pelton
Robert Young Pelton is a badass. A civilian badass. But a badass nonetheless. He's travelled the world looking for danger, from Africa to Afghanistan, Pelton seeks out killers, mercenaries, and warlords to tell the story of people paid for their killing skills. License to Kill explores the secret society of security contractors. Where do they come from, why are they needed, what is their purpose? Do they help us, or are they a liability in the war on terror. Pelton travels with these hired guns in the world's most dangerous places to illustrate their lives and why they are necessary in modern war.

Hunting the Jackal: A Special Forces and CIA Soldier's Fifty Years on the Frontlines of the war Against Terrorism by Billy Waugh and some other dude.
Billy Waugh lives for war. From the jungles of Vietnam to the search for Bin Laden in the mountains of Afghanistan, Billy Waugh's life has been one adventure after another. His superior killing expertise, has made him the go-to guy when it comes to difficult, death defying missions. This book is brutal, captivating and would be unbelievable if it weren't completely true.

Ghost Soldiers: The Epic Account of World War II's Greatest Rescue Mission by Hampton Sides
Ghost Soldiers chronicles the rescue of some of the survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March. Nearing the end of the war against the Japanese, the allied POWs in the Phillipines experienced some of the most atrocious of atrocities. A team led by some of America's bravest, moved through enemy lines to save these ill-treated prisoners. Hampton Sides writes of the terror of being a POW in the hands of the brutal japanese. He holds no punches when describing some of the horrible living conditions these men endured. Ultimately, the brave actions of a few Amercians and Filipinos, led to the rescue of 500 horribly deprived men.
This book tells about heroic men doing something beyond themselves in order to save the lives of others. Well written and completely engrossing.

The Last True Story I'll Every Tell: An Accidental Soldier's Account of the War in Iraq by John Crawford
is the story of one man's war in Iraq. It's a candid story. A year-in-the-life. And a gritty, compelling read. This book illustrates the mundane days of soldiers, which are punctuated by moments of blood soaked violence. While it shows the comradarie of brothers in arms, It also tells the sad story of how war effects them.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A couple shows have kept me very entertained lately.
HBO's Rome is excellent. The first season started slow. It took me a couple episodes, but by episode three of season one, I was hooked. The characters are well developed, the story is taut and gripping. The action fast and brutal. The plot, thick, rich and delicious.

Game Show Network's High Stakes Poker Season 3 has just started, and it is better than season 2 in a couple ways. First, no prop bets. Or at least no talking about prop bets. The constant jabbering of the mysterious prop bets last season eliminated all the poker talk. Plus, announcer Gabe Kaplan's been muzzled. At least a little bit.
The play is as good as ever, and Daniel Negreanu's short appearance in the broadcaster's booth was very good. If he ever goes broke playing poker, he'll always have a career in broadcasting. This show is by far the best poker on TV.

Movies I've seen lately:

The Devil Wears Prada. Decently acted. But ultimately, not for me. This movie galmourizes the glamour world which I hate. The protagonist is a cheating, superficial wannabe, who sucks up and idolizes a complete byatch who is deeply flawed and a truly horrible person. Furthermore it perpetuates the fallacy that beautiful women are always skeleton thin. I hated this movie, and feel that audiences are genuinely worse off for having seen it.

The exact polar opposite of the previously mentioned movie. This is a frat guy's movie. It features all the fun exciting games I played in as a child. From Beer Pong to Thumper to Quarters, this movie illustrates the fun of drinking beer and playing games. Two great things that go great together. Dudes will love this movie, and women will hate it. In the end, everyone will have laugh.

Friday, January 05, 2007

We're engaged

We're engaged, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

New Year's Eve, on a brisk pier at Tahoe's North Shore, I proposed to my angel. She said yes.

Before we got together my criteria was simple.
I wanted someone who was smart, funny, good looking and down with what I was into. She's a perfect match for me and we are the best couple I know.

If we ever break up, I'm going on a killing rampage.