Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bad Stomach - Wu Tang

Monday night. I popped a lactose pill and grubbed down on some ice cream. The best kind of ice cream. Breyer's mint chocolate chip.

It's the best ice cream flavor in the world. Also try the Butter Pecan. It's off the hook.

Anyway, flash forward to the middle of the night. Something in my stomach just ain't right. It hurts. In a few minutes I am doubled over as the increasing pain introduces some nausea. In a moment, I am hunched over the toilet purging. In a cold sweat, I stumbled back to bed only to be awoken again by a twisting agony inside. Deja Vu. I'm back over the receptacle, evacuating. Then, back in bed, groaning.

I googled it. So it seems vomiting is uncommon in lactose intolerance situations. I am experiencing something which more resembles milk allergy. This is bad news for me. No more of my favorite foods. No ice cream, no pizza either. What's next? No more swine, no meat-on-a-stick? NEVER! I'd sooner die!

On a different note.

I just picked this up.

I never got into the Wu Tang thing back in the day. I guess the hype kept me away. That was a mistake. The album demonstrates the hype. It improves on the hype. They are much better than I thought they were. I am especially impressed by the lyrical fortitude of ODB (RIP) and Method Man.
If you like hip hop, but never got into the Wu Tang. Now's your chance.

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