Friday, March 11, 2005

Another second place finish

NLHE Freezeout $40-buy-in, 8-handed at Eric's pad.

I played an A game. I played the button aggressive with pot sized raises, and stole a million blinds. I consciously changed gears at appropriate times, and kept the experienced players at the table off their game. I'm positive no one was able ot put me on any hand. At one point John said, "What's wrong, are you ok?" when I only limped in late postion. I raised and took down the pot. A couple hands later, everyone folded to me on the button, I raised, SB and BB folded. I flipped over "The Hammer" (72o)... I kept 'em guessing. Luke was taking down some big pots playing slightly tighter than usual. He was chip leader for a long time. I played a couple heads-up hands against him and we traded chip lead. Finally he saw a showdown with me, I woke up with QQ and took down a huge pot. One hand later, I called an all-in bet and took him out. I took out the short stack when I woke up again with pocket 5s.

Heads-up was a disaster. My monster stack should have been able to take him out, but Homeboy doubled up three times at my expense with all-in preflop boat races...
Eventually, I called a crucial all-in with T4... Stupid move.

I haven't gotten to the Heads-up chapter in Theory of Poker.
After 3 second place finishes in the last 5 tourneys, I feel like John Juanda in the WPT.

Note to self: Read and reread the chapter on Heads-up play.

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