Saturday, March 19, 2005

Tied one on last night.
After dinner at Kazoo in Japan town, we headed home for multiple glasses of Pinot Grigio, which we consumed greedily. We decided to have cocktails at the Seven Bamboo lounge. It had been years since I'd been there. It's swanky, dive atmosphere fit the mood we were going for and when we arrived it lived up to my memories. When I think of dive bars, ususually it includes a dozen or so regulars, their scraggily unshaved, weathered faces buried in their Scotch on the rocks, or Coors Lights. But this place was hip. The clientele was young, cool and not specifically unpretentious.
The drinks were stiff and tall, one sip and I knew this place was a bonafide dive. To me a place is a true dive if the drinks are cheap, strong and big. This certainly met that criteria.
After three or four very large Stoli Sodas, somehow Dana convinced us to actually sing. We agreed and took turns dueting with Dana. Amy and Dana did their best rendition of Girls Just Wanna Have fun and later I tried to hit the high pitch of Axl Rose's Sweet Child of Mine. Because of the buzz, I was only marginally humiliated.
It was a blast, and a couple Stoli Sodas later I was at home unhappily puking in the family lavatory. Strangely enough it was green. But I hadn't eaten anything green.

I awoke feeling pretty shitty, and the Coutry Fried Steak and eggs ath the Mini didn't help.

I'll have to tell you all about "The Mini" at a later date. It's a classic joint for grub at all hours.

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