Friday, March 25, 2005

Bay 101

The Bay 101 called me to work last night. Again the $2-$4 table had my name on it. The first hand I played won me a nice size pot. My game plan stayed the same: Play hands like K9 or better pre-flop ... which is a lot of hands. Dump 'em if they miss. I'm often tempted to play 74s, 85s, but resisted, even though several of those hands would've made me straights, and full houses. I'm considering loosening up even more pre-flop in order to try hitting those hands. The table is generally so loose, that you'll always have callers. Even when I misplayed my trip jacks, by betting out on the flop instead of checking, I still had one caller at the river. After an hour and a half, I more than doubled up my stack.
Finally, the hunger pangs coerced me to head home for some dinner.

Note to self: Don't get greedy.

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