Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Back to the grind

I'm back to the daily grind at work. It's sort of depressing to be power lounging on a weekday afternoon drinking a cold one, while all my cohorts are slaving away for the man. Then Sunday comes and you cringe at the thought that you're going to go back to slaving away for the man. Then, you go slave away.
Back to work. Nothing's changed. Suddenly that week off seems like an eternity ago. Ancient history. May as well have been last year.

Bigger news:
I bought a house.
Amy and I are going to officially be Livermorons in one month's time. Last week I spent some time finalizing paperwork, doing inspections and all that other mumbo jumbo associated with buying a house. What a pain in the ass. Of course it'll all be worth it in the end when we get the keys to the place.
Anyway, it's a very exciting development. Much will change once the move happens. Most of all, we'll be homeowners. And almost most of all, we'll be getting the fuck outta downtown San Ho. Thank the lord.

Poker (bad beat stories ahead):
The last poker night was disastrous for me. The first game, I got knocked out pretty quickly after being cold-decked. Luke was on a tear. He readily admits being one lucky mutherfacka. One one ridiculous hand, a player goes all-in for about 40x the big blind. Luke makes the call for most of his chips. All-in player flips over AQ (or something like that). Luke flips over K2h! The flop has a deuce, and the turn and river blank, doubling Luke up. "You just got LUKED!!!"
The second game, Luke literally knocked out 5 players by bad-beat. He was making horrendous calls for all his chips with the shittiest of shitty hands.
My final hand looked like this.
I'm in mid-position with A9. I'm pretty shortstacked. An early position limps, I limp, Luke limps behind me. Flop comes AJx. EP checks, I go all-in. Luke thinks a bit and calls, EP folds. I show my pair of Aces. Luke shows J10 for second pair. Turn blanks, and the river hits his five-outer. A ten. I just got Luked.

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