Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bad run

Oh my god am I running bad in sit&gos lately.
I was killing the $20 games easily last month, and suddenly I can't win one to save my life. I've not been hit any of my draws, lost every coin flip, and put my money in outkicked, or dominated, everytime. It is truly getting frustrating. It's been a while since I've seen such poor results.

The main changes to my game:
I moved up to the $30 s&gs. They seem to be tougher, tighter.
I'm probably playing less aggressively. Due to running bad.
I'm making dumber all-in moves, especially over playing top pair.

also, the dreaded cold deck as been hitting me:
Second nuts running into the nuts.
Less of my big draws are hitting.
Losing coin flips.
Bad Beat City!

I intend to keep up my normal game. I've seen bad beat city before, and I have been able to weather the storms of bad beats and sick coolers. Plugging the tangible leaks will be essential, and hopefully the intangible cold-deck will go away for a while.

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