Thursday, July 05, 2007

New house, independence day, and poker

We closed on our house!
I'm officially in SERIOUS debt.
But on a positive note, we're going to be finally paying toward our own future, instead of paying into our landlord's savings account. Now we have Air Conditioning, and we'll definitely need it. We (hopefully) will no longer have to deal with downtown San Jose's ruffians, sleep through the sounds of gunfire, walk past mean looking bums and meaner looking gangsters just to get to the corner store. How refreshing that would be?

We walked through it yesterday and met our new neighbors, Bob and Laurel. They seem genuinely nice. And they have some anti-Bush/anti-Iraq war stickers on their garbage cans. So chances are, we'll get along fine. As long as they don't mind the occasional late night, rowdy poker night.

Speaking of poker. I took down a 2nd place and a win in last week's poker games at Eric's house to bank a couple hundo in cold hard ones. That too was quite a refreshing change for me. My online cold streak has continued, with a bit of a warming trend as of late. Interestingly enough, I tend to do well in live games when my online game sucks and vice versa.

Happy Independence Day!
We spent a few hours at JoeO's new place for the fourth. It was an old fashioned all-american pool party. Chicks in bikini's, dogs on grill, guacamole, chips, tons-o-beer. And it was a hot one, so the pool was really really necessary.
We followed it up with dinner at Sam's. Marissa made us some awesome flank steak wrapped with herb cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, a zucchini pie and grilled string beans. ... oh and tons more beer.

I couldn't make it to see the fireworks, but they sure sounded great.

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