Monday, May 07, 2007

Shotguns de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo:
Evan, Luke and I went out to shoot some clays at Coyote early in the morning. I hit my best score yet in skeet scoring 20, and then hit my worst round of trap ever on my last round of shells scoring something like 9 out of 25. Bad concentration, but I'll blame the wind.
After cleaning our guns, we picked up a few cervezas to begin our Cinco de Mayo celebration. Not that we are Mexican American in the least, but since we live in downtown San Jose, that pretty much makes us honorary Mexicans right? OK, perhaps not, but we decided to go get Margaritas and Mexican food anyway.
Two pitchers of 'ritas and a shot of Patron Silver later, we headed back to the pad to watch the DeLaHoya vs. Mayweather fight.

Let me say this. I WAS a huge boxing fan. WAS. I will officially NEVER purchase boxing on PPV ever again. First of all, this fight was nothing more than a glorified sparring match. 12 rounds of lollygagging, light jabbing and dancing around each other made for a seriously uneventful fight. After 12 rounds, not only were they not even breathing hard, they didn't have as much as a scratch. Typically after 3 rounds of freaking jumping-some-godamn-rope, they'd be breathing harder. This shit was a joke. Furthermore after losing the fight to a decision, DeLaHoya still took home $25 million. What kind of incentive does he have to win, if he still gets $25 million when he fucking LOSES?!
$55 down the freaking drain.

Bottom line: FUCK BOXING, FUCK DELAHOYA, and FUCK MAYWEATHER. They just lost a boxing fan.

Long Live MMA.

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