Monday, April 16, 2007

Poker at Sam's

Sam had a couple of us over to his place for some poker action this weekend. It was shorthanded, so we started a cash game. It was a ridiculously one-sided affair. Chad (aka Chizz aka Chestnut aka RAIN MAN) was catching cards like you wouldn't freaking believe. He caught pocket rockets literally five times during the evening. He won all five. He was also showing awesome hands regularly: flushes, straights, trips, fool houses... you name it, he had 'em. He was nice enough to show his cards despite my HUGE laydowns. Luckily I read him right most of the night, so I didn't pay him off THAT much. Near the end of our cash game session, I finally caught him on one big hand and managed to finish the session up a few bucks.
The tournament that followed demonstrated how horribly I am capable of playing. To my own defense, I was legitimately card dead. But I found myself chasing a flush with Sam betting into me. I caught it. Unfortunately.
I made a raise on the river, thinking it was a value bet. But really, Sam's hollywood-ass all-in re-raise was the actual value bet. I insta-call and he flips up the rivered Fool House. I go home coolered by the motherfucking ace on the river.
I know I didn't deserve to win by any stretch of the imagination, cause I just played so damn bad. But I'll have plenty of chances to redeem myself. And I can keep telling myself that losing a little is good in the long run, so that I may win big against my opponents later. Soon, I'll start believing it.

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