Friday, February 23, 2007


My online poker pimp hand has been pretty strong lately. I've been dominating the sit-n-goes. That is: dominating the "chump-change" tables. Since much of my Neteller bankroll had been withdrawn to pay some bills (before the shutdown) and the rest is currently in limbo, I only had $100 or so in my FullTilt account to play with. In the last couple weeks, I more than quadrupled it. May not seem like much, but my roll languishing between $80 and $200 for the last 3-4 months. I'd been either playing badly or running bad, but I was not winning much (but not losing much either). Then the other day, I had a poker revelation. When I first started playing, I was unafraid to push my stack when I thought my opponent was weak. Overbetting the pot was a useful tool in no-limit, and I had all but eliminated it from my arsenal. The convention of making pot-sized bets cramped my style. I was also playing too passively with mediocre hands. I should be either raising or folding them. Instead I was making weak calls with weak draws and weak pairs. In other words, SUCKING (not sucking-out mind you).
So I have been check-raising more, calling less, and adding a couple select hands to my pre-flop strategy. And of course playing position better. The end result is a fattening roll which will continue to fatten hopefully.
I do need to keep up the vigilance, because I'm aiming to move up in limits. Previous efforts to move up had led my bankroll to be as small as it was.
I'm itching for some more live poker though. Bay 101 and Garden City are freaking madhouses in the afternoons, with wait lists exceeding an hour every day. I just don't have enough time to sit there waiting for a seat to open up. But as I can tell, the fish are LIVE! So it might just be worth it. I've heard 7am Sunday morning is a good time to get there to play against the sleep-deprived players. I might have to try that this weekend.

My home game has been fun, but it needs a serious infusion of new blood. We've pretty much been breaking even every week after many hours of play. With no clear winner, (except Chad "RainMan" ) who catches gutshots like Odog catches tennis balls) the game just doesn't get the blood going like it used to. Plus, we are all a bit sick of RainMan's suck-outs.

Let me know if any of y'all are interested in playing. We could use some fresh-meat,... er,... new players.

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