Thursday, June 21, 2007


KOI, originally uploaded by Joe_13.

I drew this a couple nights ago.
Using lots of references, I finally feel comfortable drawing the waves and the scales. It seems that I need to draw stuff a couple times before I feel competent drawing them from memory.
My pen and Ink confidence is growing, and I feel my inking is improving.
The next challenge is to color some of my images. I think I'll use my recent drawings as a coloring book to practice my color skills.

In other events:
Spent the weekend in Lake Tahoe for SamD's bachelor party. We did the usual required bachelor party activities; of course strippers and massive amounts of beers. There were Patron shots at one point. Also a lot of dude bonding: some non-gay sauna and hot tub sessions, a boat excursion, and tons more beer. We also managed to play a bit of poker and blackjack at the casinos. We also ate like kings all weekend. So all-in-all, a damn fine adventure.
Congrats to Sam.

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