Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spread 'em

I spent a couple hours at the $3-100 spread limit game at Garden City last night.
First notable hand I played against a thick african-american dude. He looked tired. He'd probably been there a few hours. He was continually rubbing his eyes, yawning etc.
I raised from late position with AdQh. He called. The flop came down 648 rainbow. I bet he calls. Turn comes blank. He looked to be drawing. Maybe he had a low pair. I figured I might be able to push him off his hand. I bet again, he thought a bit and called. River came an ace, pairing me. I bet 1/3 the pot. He goes into the tank for a minute and calls. I flip over the Aces, and he mucks.
Later, he limps from early position. Two more players limp to me in the cutoff. I raise with AdJc. He calls. The flop comes down with three diamonds. He thinks for a bit and sticks in the rest of his chips. I'm getting just better than two to one, and with the nut flush draw, I reluctantly call. The turn and river blank. I miss completely. I figure him for at least a pair and flash my ace. He nods. My ace good?? He mucks and leaves the table.
Later a weak-ish young player to my right limps. I raise with A9s. The flop comes down 10,7,6 with two spades. He bets out $30. I say raise, and push in $100 more. He thinks for a moment and mucks.
A bit later I pick up some big hands but am unable to get more than a couple blinds. At that point, a couple new players show up at my table, and I donk off a bunch of my stack leaving me almost even. After four hours of play, and after being up $250, I break even.

So all in all, I played ok. I should've been able to capitalize on my big hands more. I should've laid down an A7 to a shortstack pre-flop all-in... He had rockets. I could've gotten away from some resteals.
I have noticed that after a couple hours of play, the chips no longer feel like cash. They start to feel like chips. My nervousness is pretty much gone.
As long as I continue to play my top game, tight-aggressive, make good reads, apply pressure, and make good lay downs, this game has potential for me.


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