Wednesday, August 01, 2007



My online game has been fluctuating as of late. I haven't played that much actually, and while I've been doing pretty well in cash games, my sit-n-go game has been below average. My overall balance is holding tight, and I finally brought it back over the 1G mark again. That may change when I get home tonight, but lets hope it is in the upward direction.
The live game is neither here nor there. I'm playing decent, but I can't seem to do very well against Chizz, whose been killing our home game lately. He's is on a a heater for sure... But the question is he really that good? or is he a very lucky player? I think the jury's still out.
I will tell you that I have a hard time playing him. All I know is the flop always hits him harder than me. If I hit an ace, he outkicks me. If I draw pocket tens, he's got the aces. A straight? Fuckit, he's got the flush. That, and he's untiltable. Because he has no emotions whatsoever. No emotions? no tilt. Also, no facial expressions. No expressions = no tells.

I'm going to post player profiles in the near future, revealing most of my insights of the players who we play often with: their strengths, weaknesses, and my own, as honestly as I can. That'll be interesting... for me.

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