Monday, April 09, 2007

Poker at Eric's

Last week's poker action was at Eric's house. $40 buy-in, Me, EricN, Bootie, SamD, Hideki, ScottO, JoeO, Irwin, Chad and Greg played for several hours with the final three being Hideki, Sam and Me. In the end, Hideki held the big stack and took first place money, while Sam and I split 2nd and third place money.
With a faster structure for the second game, we flew through players pretty quick. I fought my way up to chip leader early on when I rivered a flush against Irwin. But, not long after, I totally blew my stack when I fully overplayed JJ into ScottO's flopped trip sevens. For some reason, I completely brain farted. I knew I had him beat pre-flop. But when he checked the flop, I checked behind him too quickly. And then inexplicably, I heard myself say "all-in" when the ace hit the turn. The minute I saw the ace, I knew I was beat. But it was too late. ScottO instantly called with pocket sevens. There was a seven on the flop. I was suddenly crippled. A couple hands later, I pushed with QQ, only to run into Bootie's KK, and I was done.

For the evening, I was still up $40, so the horrible play didn't get my mood down too much. It bites that I lost to ScottO when I know I should've been able to get away from JJ. The ace on the turn should've saved my ass, but instead I Matusow'd and blew the fuck up.

Online, I recouped the steep loss I took earlier in the week, and my Sharkscope graph is finally back to where it ought to be.

BTW, Eric's new nickname is: Titties.

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