Thursday, April 12, 2007

Final table at the Mookie

77 players/bloggers played in the Mookie last night. I knocked out and crippled several players early, putting me fat stacked for much of the tournament. I played super duper tight for a long time seeing very little playable cards. I did manage to drop the hammer twice winning blinds, which is always a bonus.
At the final table, the action was swift until we got down to four players. Me, TFG, JoeSpeaker and BoneDaddy shuffled stacks for a while when JoeSpeaker finally falls to BoneDaddy when his A3 is outkicked. Soon thereafter, I push all-in with KTo, get called by TFG with QJo. Four clubs on the flop and one on the river give TFG a flush and gives me third place money.
Final two didn't take long. BoneDaddy gets taken out by TFG's nut flush five minutes into heads-up play.
And there we have it.

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