Monday, April 25, 2005

Sneaky Leaker

OK, I'm admit I can be a lazy SOB sometimes.
Not nearly as one friend of mine inparticular. Let's call him "O."
'O' loves the bars. And he loves drinking. When one drinks, it is inevitable they'll need to urinate. Well, I recall 'O', the disgusting drunk that he is, while in mid-conversation, without the conversation participants knowing, urinated AT THE BAR. That is, he whipped it out, and pee'd on the side of the bar while we were talking to him. Sure, the bar was in the back area, outdoor, and we didn't actually see his thing, and no one around noticed, ... it's still no-less disgusting.

For you "Bar-pee'ers" or overactive bladder folks; Here you go: Sneaky Leaker

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