Thursday, April 21, 2005


I suck at poker.
Either that or I'm just on a losing streak. A big losing streak. Oh man, it's depressing to think about.
There's a tourney this weekend. Bootie's brother, Eric the fireman, is holding his second tourney. I 'll need to ramp up or "cowboy up" as they say. ... I feel dirty for having just wrote "cowboy up." ggh ... I did it again. ...
At any rate, I've got to get my ass in gear and start, "Not Fucking Up," as they say.

Today was interesting. I sat down directly to the right of a prop player at the Garden City's $2-$4 table. I instantly felt tension in her. She was pissed. Apparently the two grey haired ladies across the table had been delivering continuous bad beats on her and the guy to my right. She started telling me, "Fuck them. She's raising with shit like 8-5 offsuit? I fucking hate that." She wasn't yelling it, just hissing it to us two.
"Really?" I said.
Sure enough the lady's favorite hand seemed to be 8-5. She turns over, straight... full house??? Two-pair? Straight again?! Zoiks! All with 8-5... or something like that.
Then she starts in on the dealer.
"I fucking hate this guy." She loses a hand. "Yup, I knew it. I only get flops like that with this guy. I have these," She shows me K-J-suited, then points at the flop showing 4-4-7. "And that shit comes down." Mucks her hand. "Fucking faggot." She says, meaning it.
I had on my best poker face.

Her story was entertaining if not fascinating. She's been playing here at the Garden City Casino for the past 25 years. No doubt if she spent every waking hour there or in the smoking yard. She ONLY plays at Garden City, NEVER at Bay 101. She can get comps in Vegas any time because they know her at ALL the casinos. She was superstitious, always playing certain cards like T-8-suited, as long as they were suited. Between the years 1989-91 she lost $1.9 million. BUT, right now she's just killing time at the $2-$4 table because she doesn't need the money. She already all set moneywise. She made it all back perhaps. Whatever. I let it go.

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