Friday, April 08, 2005

Four-peat baby!

Tourney at Dylan's house:
2 tables, 15 players, $30 buy-in freezeout (no rebuys or add-ons)... top 3 get paid.

I won.

It was a miracle. I was shortstacked from the get-go, and maintained last place until the table merged, at which point only SamD was shorter-stacked than me. I was able to stay in the game only by stealing blinds from late position and the occasional early position bluff.
By the time the final table slimmed to the top 5, I was still almost worthless in last place.
Patience brought me to the final 4 when everyone gambled against each other and knocked each other out. Having doubled up once or twice kept me barely alive and I squeaked into the final two.
A few all-ins, double ups and BBOOOOOYYYEAAAH!!
Somehow, I won the damn thing; giving me a jackpot of $300!

I'm not a fluke, I'm not a fluke!

4 tournaments in a row. Wow.

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