Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sin City

Caught Sin City last night.

Loved it.
First, I'd like to say that I am a comic book fan, therefore I was a Frank Miller fan. Miller created some of the grittiest stories ever. He embraced the crime thriller genre for comics and eventually gave titles like Daredevil and Batman the dark flavor of violence that they needed. His reiventions of those characters marked a turning point in comics. Miller really turned popular comics on its head with The Dark Knight Returns. This is a MUST READ for comic book fans.
Sin City retains that spirit. Director Robert Rodriguez holds so true to the Sin City comic book and to Miller's vision, Rodriquez defied the Director's Guild and has a double director credit with Miller.
The ultra-cheeze was Sin City's only negative aspect. Brittney Murphy's line delivery is an especially bitter pill.
Mickey Roarke makes a show-stealing, career invigorating performance as Marv, the ugly, ruthless, meathead, and does the best narration in the movie. Frodo also makes an appearance as Kevin, the agile, silent-but-deadly mass murderer nemesis.

I left the film feeling as if I lived in this crazy world of sex, extreme violence and brutal grit and didn't have any desire to leave.

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