Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Garden City - cold cards

Garden City after work.
An obnoxious dude was giving poker lessons. He was playing the small limits with his buddies and giving them a constant barrage of insults and threats. It was pretty annoying actually. Also he was raising the pot on almost every hand. He was sitting to my immediate left, making it very painful to limp in every time. My stack dwindled.
Furthermore, the cards were coooold. No flops were landing. And obnoxious dude was raising on pure bluffs and managed to actually buy a couple pots with absolute shit. Finally obnoxious dude and his friends left. It was like a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately my cards were still cold and I had to rebuy a couple times. And alas, I was down $100, with one more hand worth of chips left. I was resigned to go all-in with K8 and a straight draw. On the turn, I hit my straight, took down the pot and was back to -$40. Cutting my losses, I called it.

By the way,
Check out The Shield... It's a great fucking show. It's worth renting the first two seasons... Ultra gritty, violent, intense.

Speaking of FX, July the cable network will be airing a series by Steven Bochco called Over There, a show about the Iraq War. The commercials look fantastic, and the show will most likely be a huge hit.

FX is stepping up television. It's intense shows such as The Shield and Nip/Tuck have given new life to TV. It has made it worthwhile to stay up late and to finally relinquish the remote control.

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