Monday, April 04, 2005

a home somewhere, anywhere

Housing is a problem here. A huge problem.
I make a decent living. I guess that's relative. Between the GF and me, we make enough that we should be able to own our own home. Except that we live in the bay area of California, which makes homeowning an extreme unlikelyhood.
My pops says that it actually makes fmore sense for us to rent a house than to buy one; that you would actually LOSE money buying a home because the prices are so prohibitively high. That's such BULLSHIT!
My buddy just bought a house down in Gilroy. It's about 40 minutes south of San Jose. They bought their house (3BR, 1900 sq ft) for somewhere around $500,000. That was a year ago. Now, the house is probably worth near $700,000. I bet in Arizona, it'd be worth $300,000,... tops.

They say that in order to buy a home a family needs to make an average combined income of $120,000 a year... that's for an average priced home.

If anyone is reading this from another state, country etc... what could a couple making $80,000 a year buy where you live? And are there any job openings for a newspaper photographer in your area?

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