Thursday, April 07, 2005

a little poker lesson

I had a losing night at Bay 101 last night.
I played poorly early on. Probably just a bit antzy. Upon reflection, I played too loose after the flop. Tight is right... after the flop. Fine, a $60 lesson learned.
At least it was a small loss. But the worst part isn't losing the money, it's logging it on my poker record, because it makes the loss permanent. Anyway, I dread it. Of course when I win, I run home and log it immediately. I might wait another day before I log this loss.
All in all, I'm up more than a $grand$ playing poker these last couple months, so what's a $60 loss right?
Oh well, time to move forward. Anyhow, the game's at Dylans tonight... $30 rebuy tourney... We'll see how this "re-buy" crap works. Looking to four-peat tonight.

Good Luck to me.

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