Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Steak to kill for

Everybody has a method to their meat. What I mean is, meat preparation methodology is sometimes quite a guarded secret. I contend that the steaks I make are quite possibly the best tasting, most succulent slabs of muscle tissue ever thrown on a grill. Why such a bold claim? Because that's what THEY tell me. THEY refers to anyone whose ever had the pleasure of eating my perfectly grilled meat products.

Top Loin, Sirloin, New York, Filet Mignon, Rib Eye, Trip-Tip steaks all work great. Go with a piece of meat with nice marbelling (white lines of fat evenly distributed throughout the cut)...

The Marinade
I believe in simplicty. Really, the taste of beef is great as-is, extended marinade is rarely needed. Generally a BBQ rub which has salt, pepper and garlic is all you need. I'll usually give the meat a rub down using soy sauce first to add a bit of goodness.
Another method which has gained in populatiry with me is: The Italian dressing method: this method is quite complicated. (1) Place the meat in a mixing bowl (2) Cover the meat with Newman's Own Italian Dressing Let sit for 30 minutes. Boo Yeah. This is one good steak. It works incredibly on a huge slab of tri-tip too. Just let it marinade longer.

Fire, or other heat. This is an essential element, unless you want steak tartar, or if you have some thin sliced Kobe beef or Wagyu beef ...
Most of us need fire. Use a charcoal grill when possible. Second choice is a gas grill. Use a stove top grill if necessary, and use the oven for last resort.

Use medium-high heat. If the meat doesn't sizzle when it hits the grill, it ain't hot enough. A good sear tastes best. When the meat begins to sweat though the top, it's time to flip. Turn the steak only ONCE. Not twice. And cook to desired doneness.
Let this gorgeous slab-o-meat rest for ten.

Bon Appetite...

Note: When you master the slab. No steak will ever substitute. No restaurant steak will satisfy you. Net even the Sizzler's.

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