Friday, February 11, 2005

let go

After some thought, I have come to a conclusion on what mistake NOT to make in my poker game. My two big losses were due to the inability to let go of my hand. To be truly honest, I knew ScottO had either A-A or K-K. I had a Q in hand, and there was one on the board. For some reason, even though I knew I was beat,.. I convinced myself that he was full of shit. I totally self destructed. Incidentally, I watched Hideki do the exact same thing on the very next hand. He went all-in with Q's and his opponent held K-K (I believe that was ScottO too)... I guess it happens to other people too.

Lesson: LET GO... when everything says DON'T CALL... I should follow my instincts and LET GO of mediocre, beatable hands, unless I am VERY certain I have the best hand. VERY certain. I'll say, 80%... maybe 87%,... 80-90%,... maybe 95%.
I have to be 92% certain... dependant on the pot size,... and my chip stack,... and my read on my opponent... (sigh)

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