Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bahgdad Burning

"The weapons never existed. It's like having a loved one sentenced to death for a crime they didn't commit- having your country burned and bombed beyond recognition, almost. Then, after two years of grieving for the lost people, and mourning the lost sovereignty, we're told we were innocent of harboring those weapons. We were never a threat to America...

Congratulations Bush- we are a threat now."

This was written back in late January before the elections in Iraq. I really wonder what she is thinking now that the elections are over.
My conservative friends often speak of Iraqi freedom with an exaggerated sense of pride. I can almost see the flag waving behind them in a Bruckheimer-esque fashion (queue inspirational music) as they recite Bush-party-line propoganda, "We must be unwavering, resolute.... Freedom is on the march... All people deserve freedom from tyranny ... FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM." I see their sense of righteousness when they say, "If you hate Bush so much, move to Canada then!"

Personally I think Bush is a f-ing moron. Bill Mahr was on an interview yesterday talking about how the Democrats screwed up the Kerry campaign by not ripping Bush for his "incompetence." Incompetence is a correct term.

Let's say you are the chairman of the board of a large company... Some dipshit in your company risked your company's reputation and much of your company's wealth and success on some faulty intelligence. Let's assume this dipshit SOLD the idea to you and the rest of the Board of Directors. And then you find out this dipshit was duped, and that the enitre event was based on bullshit! As chairman of the board what do you do?
You fire his dumb ass to start! Then you fire his number 2, and then his entire staff.
No wonder Euro-newspapers made fun of us.
Bush is like Sgt. Stedenko. "We lost them, Due to Incompetence"
Somehow Rove and the Bush-war-machine tricked half of America into saying, "It's ok, we make mistakes,... Here's your job back."

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