Thursday, February 10, 2005

no game tonight ?

I usually host a no-limit poker night at my house every Thursday night. This week some of the guys wanted to play at their pad instead. Pate tried to set one up for Wednesday night... failed... not enough players. So Da Bootie wanted to do one tonight at his place instead of my place,... GREAT! What does he do? He sends out an email:

IN PALO ALTO! It's too difficult for most everyone to make the round trip on a weeknight. Next time, I will try to put something together over a weekend, instead."

WTF? Why come I can get people every week? The one time we try to do it at his pad we get that lame ASS email. No poker for the week now?! But I want my gambling fix. I need it. No adrenaline makes Joe a pathetic piece of crap. No action makes Joe feel bored. Why am I referring to myself in the third person? Joe doesn't have any idea. Joe know what Joe wants though. Joe wants to play.

It just goes to show. You want something done right... ya gots to do it yourself.
Time to take your moneys on my turf.

1 comment:

cookie said...

Sup Joe, thanks for the comment. I can't believe someone out there actually read my shit. I almost given up this whole bloggin thing. Anyways, I posted "surprise" entry again. BTW, before I go, let me say that your profile pic is fucking awesome..