Friday, February 11, 2005

cards of crap

I'm a pathetic loser.

The game was $30 buy-in tourney, no rebuy, SamD, Da Bootie, Luke, Rauser, ScottO, Hideki, Dylan and myself.

There's nothing like the feeling of having no hope whatsoever to winning. I caught shit cards all night (I suppose all losers say that)... But really, besides folding, is there any way to play pre-flop 7-3, 6-4, 3-5, J-2, 6-9, 8-2, 3-4 well, in a loose- game? If there is, I didn't do it last night. My best hand of the evening was a pair of queens which were obliterated by pocket rockets. My A-7c went down to A-J; my set of 3s were killed by a set of 4s. Meanwhile, ScottO was catching Aces and high pocket pairs like they were going out of style. The biggest hand of the night was when SamD and Da Bootie called ScottO's to make 3-way all-in action. The hands were A-J, A-T and A-T respectively. The turn card was a T which gave ScottO and SamD a pair of 10s but also gave SamD a straight winning him the biggest pot of the night. Finally only 3 hours into our tourney, ScottO beat Dylan with his pocket 10s to win the $120 1st place prize.
Our $10 buy-in second game was more of the same for me. I saw every combination of shitty cards possible. I did manage to double -up once short-stacked when I went all in with K-Q and sucked out another king against ScottO's A-x. My game didn't last too much longer though and when my J-9s gave up on me, I was done. SamD won the second game and took home an $80 prize.

Sometimes the cards just suck balls. My play and my reads could have been better, but overall I just couldn't overcome my run of shitty cards.

I need to redeem myself soon. Who's in?

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