Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Church of the Redeemer rebuilds

Got stuck in 101 traffic this morning, so I was late to our weekly office meeting. Just my luck since it was my turn to lead the meeting. I gave a very brief rundown of Amy and my trip to Cancun. I brought some photos for show-and-tell, and got some appropriate ooos and aaahhs. One of my co-workers asked, "Is the water really that color blue?"
I replied honestly, "Indeed it is."

The Antiochian Church of the Redeemer is finally rebuilding their church after three years. You might remember the church was burned to the ground by arsonists back in 2002. The FBI, and ATF came out to investigate it, but of course came up empty handed. Well today, many parish members came out to watch construction workers put the walls of the new church.
Here is a picture from the day it burned down.

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