Saturday, November 26, 2005

Veterinarian bloodsuckers

I picked up Morgan yesterday at the Vet's office. They charged me another $197 to get the cat. So the grand total to save FatAss' ass. $881. I brought him home against the wishes of the vet who recommended I take him to my own vet for a day or two. He said they were going to keep the IV and the urinary catheter in for a while longer and observe Morgan. I told them I was taking Morgan home now.

It got me thinking about veterinary medicine. I'm sure the vets love animals. They must love animals to get into the buisiness right? Well I guarantee that the minute they see the amount of money they can make, their love for animals becomes secondary to their love for the money. Our vet had no concern for our animal whatsoever. If we hadn't been able to pay for Morgan's treatment, they wouldv'e euthenized his ass in a heartbeat. When I asked the vet tech what my options were if I wasn't able to pay the full amount, she replied, "Well I suggest you get in touch with someone you know who will loan you the money or a financial institution can." Otherwise, he wouldn't have last night.
Luckily I have the money, but it depleted my cushion money. And my shotgun money.

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