Monday, November 14, 2005


Redemption is mine.
My house: Dylan, Mel, Bootie, SamD, ScottO, Butz, Ltrain and myself, $40 buy-in no-limit hold'em tourney.

Feeling inpregnebale, I immediatley attempted to bully the table. I was down to about half my stack before the 2nd level. I kept telling myself, "Play good poker, it's comeback time." Soon comeback time came.
I raise Mel with pocket 3's from under-the-gun. She calls my raise, everyone else folds. Flop hits A-2-3 rainbow. I check. She bets. After some contemplation, I re-raise. She goes all-in immediately. Could she have 4-5? No way. I call.
The turn and river are blank and I'm suddenly making my comeback.
I went on to make some huge plays against Sam and Dylan, knocking them out of the tourney.
Then the crucial hand happened against L-train:
I catch AK. L-train raises in front of me. I reraise. Everyone else folds. He reraises me. I go all-in. He instantly calls.
Oops. Ltrain flips over pocket rockets.
DOH! He's got me covered and I'm drawing practically dead.
Flop comes... KING. There's one. Turn, blank. I can hear myself screaming, "KING, KING, KING." The river comes KING!

As much as I hate when other people do it, I reacted enthusiastically to my incredible suck out. a-hootin' and-a-hollarin'! I couldn't help it.
Despite my happiness, I actually felt horrible about delivering a beat like that. I apologized to him and he took it really well considering he was crippled by that hand. He was eliminated later in third place.

Now I was the chipleader and it was my goal to throw my weight around. I'm sure I pissed off everyone at the table with my super aggressive pre-flop play, but it worked. I completely dominated the rest of the table and went on to go heads-up against ScottO, who up until this point had been playing very, very tight.
I continue my strategy and blew him out of the water with relentless aggression.
I took him out giving me a $160 prize. ScottO took home $90 for his efforts while Ltrain took home $60 for third place.

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