Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Photo tour in SF

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HabitForming took Stroker, Optikal and me on a San Francisco photo tour this weekend. We visited a couple fascinating abandoned warehouses. What better subject for photos than abandoned buildings covered in subversive art.

Graffiti culture is alive and well in the city. Not that I necessarily agree with tagging, but alot of the work displayed on the walls of places like this are quality... and unfortunately temporary.

I know from experience the pain of losing a piece of artwork forever.
Much of the art photographed by Habitforming will be demolished, painted over and/or scrubbed, and essentially disappear permanently.

Would graffiti artists be better served to create art for a gallery or as fine art? Of course purists will argue that graffiti while born in the streets should remain on the streets. That it would be pussy, sell-out to put anywhere else. IMHO, that's bullshit.
If you are an artists whose point is to create temporary art, so-be-it. Scribble your name in the sand at the beach and let the ocean wash it away. Essentially that is exactly what will happen when the pigs inevitably come to erase your piece, or the building you've just painted comes tumbling down with the wrecking ball.

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