Saturday, November 12, 2005

Number Two

Played in a $5-buy-in multi-table tourney on a couple nights ago.
699 players, top 60 get paid.

Early on I was trying to bust out, because the GF was about to get home and we were huuuuuunrgry. I pushed all in with KJo, J10o, but managed to double up instead of getting knocked out. When the woman got home, I was in the top 5 in chips.
"Screw-it," I'll just go pick up dinner and come back.
My chip stack was big enough that I was still in he tournament when we got back.
As I ate my number 5 from Happi House, I went on a tear. My cards were hot! I managed to knock out three or four players putting me in the chip lead.
Once chipleader I played pretty tight for the next couple hours, but continued to punish the medium and small stacks with big raises when I had decent hands. The field was thinning rapidly.
After 4 hours of play I was heads-up with a tight player named MVDM. The chip stacks were pretty close when this hand came:
I had AKo and raised on the button. He reraised and I immediately pushed all in. He calls with K9o. He's dominated here. He only has 3 more outs. The flop comes Ten-Ten-NINE. Turn: Ten. River:blank. Game over. MVDM wins $699.17. Joe_13 comes in 2nd place and wins $436.87.

Here's proof

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