Friday, November 11, 2005

Garden City

I hit up the $2-$4 tables at Garden City yesterday for a couple hours. Played tight for a while due to a streak of cold cards. Admittedly I was playing a bit too tight. But with these fishy-fish-fish players, I wanted to make sure I had the best hand. These guys were guaranteed to be 3-4 players deep at showdown. People calling calling calling. I did manage to make a big check raise and a huge bluff to make me a few bucks at the end.
One note: I made a rookie mistake by leaving without playing out the round. I made sure to wait for the blind before posting, but I left abruptly in the middle of the round, wasting 3-4 hands I could've seen for free.
Actually it was lucky I did. I guess I left my lights on in my car. The battery was dead. It took 20 minutes for the AAA guy to arrive, and I was almost late to my assignment. So in the end, it was a fortuitous mistake.

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