Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Guns, lots of guns

Since my recent introduction to the world of shotgun sports, I have been in shopping mode. I've been reading massive quantities of information online regarding the best gun for me.

I've narrowed my criteria down:

1) Semi-auto
2) Quality gun - decent condition
3) 28"-30" barrel length
4) 12 gauge
5) It has to be a ridiculously good deal

So far one gun might meet the criteria.

That is the Remington 1100. USED.
New ones run about $700 and up.
My recent poker winnings are burning a hole in my pocket the size of a shotgun. I'm hoping that I'll be able to find a decent used one at the gun show which is coming to town Dec. 10-11 at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. There is concern that I'll not be able to find one at the price I want. I have seen some at in my price range, but I really want to shoulder the thing, to see if it fits my frame.

I've always loved firearms. It's great to have found an activity which uses guns yet doesn't involve killing animals or people. I suppose I'd kill birds (ducks, quail, doves, pheseant etc.) But I odn't think I'd be able to kill a pig or deer. They're too similar to dogs I guess. Too cute.

Clays however,... They all need to get they caps peeled.

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