Friday, October 28, 2005


One bad call cost me the tourney last night.
Chips two buddies Johnny and Tim took 1st and 2nd in last night's tournament at my house. We had 10 players: Tim, Johnny, JoeO, ScottO, Nate, Chip, Chad, MikeM, Joe and SamD, $30 buy-in. freezeout. I played tight for the first 3 levels, catching mostly shit cards. I managed a steal here and there and finally took a huge pot with middle pair from JoeO. As the blinds started to punish me, I took a shot at a pot, with a middle pair semi-bluff. Unfortunately a horrible read on Tim, who'd been playing really fishy poker all night, pushed all my chips into the middle. He slowplayed a set of tens and killed my tourney.
Overall, I played really decent until that hand. I made several great reads, and one or two big bluffs. I'm really dissappointed in not making the money and I am itching to redeem myself.

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